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3DSMAX made a burning red candles tutorial



  Maker: 3DMAX7.0 Chinese version

  Production process:

  Create a candle model

  1, select "File" "Reset" command to reset the system.The Create command panel, click the "cylinder" button, drag the mouse pointer in the top view create a cylinder.

  2, into the edit command panel, in the ''Edit List'' drop-down list box "Noise" modifier, with reference to the parameters shown in FIG. 01, the cylinder becomes the bend.

  3DSMAX制作一支燃烧着的红烛 三联

  Figure 01

  3, a front view of the activation.Into the "Create", "Graphics" panel, click "Line" button, the front view of the curve shown in Figure 02 to create.


  Figure 02

  4, choose to modify the drop down list box command panel "turning" modifier, the rotation generating three-dimensional modeling, with reference to FIG. 03 to set parameters, to modify the number of segments 32, mobile tool to move to a suitable position results in Figure 04 show.


  Figure 03


  Figure 04

  5, the process is repeated to continue editing curve obtained rotation Zhulei.The resulting shape shown in FIG. 05.


  Figure 05

  6, a top view of the activation.Click the "cylinder" button to create the command panel, created in a top view

  As the candle wick cylinder.Mobile tool adjust the position of the cylinder, as shown in Figure 06.


  Figure 06

  7, the modified selection drop-down list command panel "the FFD (rectangular)", set the parameters shown in Figure 07, click the "Set Point" button in the pop-up dialog box will "length" is set to 4, the width of the set 6, a height of 4, the thus obtained square matrix of 4 * 4 6 *.


  Figure 07

  8, click the "FFD (rectangular)" in order to modify the panel''s modifier stack before the "+" sign to expand it, "Control Point" click its next level of options, entry control point sub-object level.Mobile tool moves vertices on editing square, as shown in FIG. 08, so that the candle wick becomes curved.


  Figure 08

  9, create heat to melt the candle oil flow model desktop."Click panel" line "button" Create "," pattern 09 created as shown in the top view shown in curve.


  Figure 09

  10, in the drop-down list box edit command panel "Edit Spline" modifier, the "Select" rollout, click "top" button, to enter the "top" secondary object hierarchy, selecting two curved end portions the upper vertex.Mobile tool moves each vertex edit the curve becomes more smooth.

  11, the edit command panel selection drop-down list box "chamfering" modifier, refers to the parameter shown in FIG. 10, the three-dimensional modeling to give 11.





  12, select "Geometry" in the "extended geometry", click "beveling cylinder" to create "beveling cylinder" in the top view, as a desktop.

  Setting Material

  12, press M to open the "Material Editor" dialog box, clicking an exemplary sample material ball, click Standard button in the dialog box, select the "ray tracing" option, "ray tracing Basic Parameters" rollout Blinn choice options drop-down list.Wherein, "diffuse reflection" color RGB value 206,215,196 "highlight color" color value 236,236,225.

  13, expand "extension parameters" rollout, in which the "semi-transparent" color value is set to 10,12,0, other parameters 12.Material ID 13 shown in FIG..Select a candle in the view, the material to the object.



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