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3DSMAX large venues modeling tutorial examples and practical



  3DSMAX大型场馆建模教程 29教程网


  This tutorial describes how to create a method stadiums model.Unlike stadium buildings, large construction area, the particularity of stadium additional function, the entire shape of the building is generally elliptical.In this case to explain the stadiums are part of a major Olympic venues planning.


  Tutorial ideas:

  Far from the stadium model in Figure oval building ground for this chapter to be created.Typically, a sports venues, including the main model stepped auditorium, sports center and several large canopy structure.Before modeling, CAD drawings of the first observation data, detailed analysis of the structure of the stadium.


  Open book supporting CD "DVD01scene Chapter 10 building large venues customer data" folder, this folder there are three CAD drawing files, by observing these three CAD drawings, we can clearly understand the structure of the stadium.After analyzing drawings and understand the structure of the building, it can be cleaned up to CAD drawings.When cleaning up, you need to delete the drawing dimensioning and annotation and other useless information, the drawing of a useful reference for modeling graphical preserved.The final cleaning is completed as shown in the drawings.


  Open 3ds Max software, execute the menu [File] | [Import] command to import the companion CD of "DVD01scene CHAPTER 10 dwg building large venues large venues architectural CAD cleanup.dwg "files and organize aligned in drawing the actual orientation of the facade, the final results as shown in FIG..


  The plan is fully aligned with the axis and a top drawing plane 3, overlapping placed together, and then the facade side elevational drawing actual position and aligned in plan view, a sectional view and finally placed in the same side elevational position use, convenience modeling.After drawing alignment, then began to create a model.

  Creating auditorium model

  Observation auditorium plan view, the whole distribution oval auditorium.When creating such outer shape of arc-shaped construction, it requires extensive use of [SO] radians out of operation produced Model.

  Use [SO] auditorium model production operation, and the need to use staked path pattern, only in the case where these two conditions are met in order to fulfill the correct operation loft.Next to the auditorium of sweep path mapped out.Axis selection pattern, press Alt + Q isolated on the graphic display key, select [Create] | [pattern] | [lines] tool, open [2.5 Capture dimensional] switch, an axis line along the inner outline form, and then access all the vertices, right-click on Line [line] is [vertex] level, select line, and select [corner points of the pop-up menu quad ] command, as shown below (left) as shown in.This current draw of the closed elliptical lines, as the path to be used loft model auditorium.step 02 Click [Exit Isolation Mode] button, press the F key to switch to the front view, the use of cross-sectional drawings, select [create] | [graphics] | [line] tool, open [2.5 Capture dimensional] switch auditorium sectional pattern lays out the step, as shown below (right).


  Auditorium loft and graphics are drawn path is completed, the next for [SO] Operation.

  Select elliptical path pattern, and then [Create] | [geometry] panel, from [Standard] Click the drop-down list [Composite Object] | [SO] button in the [Creation Method] rollout click [Get pattern ] button, then click in the view pickup auditorium sectional pattern created earlier, as shown in FIG..More exciting please pay attention to the tutorial 29 tutorial web (, 29 tutorials web design group: 43076594 welcome you to join

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