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3DsMAX easy way to quickly create lotus lanterns tutorial case



  Before coming to see some flowers with a polygon built 3DsMAX tutorials on the Internet, we are doing a sweet flower, but the process is very complicated.In a chance, I found a very simple way, a few minutes can be completed, I feel very good!

  First come renderings:

  3DsMAX简单方法快速打造荷花灯 29教程网


  First draw a circle with the size you figure, does not matter.

  May then turn into a spline edited, deleted three quarters, the following effects!



  Then draw a short line, as!


  Draw a short line

  Select the short-term to long-term path lofting.Petals prototype came out.


  Setting out the path to long-term

  Go to Edit Panel, select the zoom option deformation in the bottom, so that three D will automatically pop up a small box.Inside is a full parallel lines, the eyes do not look to spend it!


  Small pop-up box please pay attention to more exciting tutorial 29 tutorial web (, 29 tutorials web design group: 43076594 welcome you to join

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