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3dsmax draw a strong sense of visual impact and bright coat color 3D Tutorials Tiger Case



  This is my first time to do 3DsMAX animal hair and chose the tiger.Select the Tigers mainly because the tiger coat color is very bright, strong sense of visual impact.At the same time, since childhood I liked to draw tiger painting as a theme, so they also want to personally create a 3D tiger.Make a realistic tiger with hairFX for max is my purpose to do this work.

  I contacted hairFX in 2003, before the name Shaghair, in the years of study, has accumulated a lot of experience to use this plugin.Here is the process of making the work on this introduction, we hope to 3D design-loving friends to help.Take a look at the final results:

  3dsmax绘制毛色亮丽视觉冲击感强的3D老虎  三联

  final effect

  A head shape

  Before I started, I find a lot of real tiger-related photos and videos, to analyze the structure of the tiger.For me, looking for references is the process of making the most important aspect.Only fully understand the structure of the various parts of the tiger, in order to accurately, there is sure to express their design ideas.Tiger has the largest size in extant cats, the most powerful, longest canine teeth, sharp claws most, the biggest bite force.Whether vigil, or run, it fearless valor is endless, full royal style.


  figure 1

  First of all, I began to start from the head, the head is the most important and the hardest part, so a lot of time spent on the head model.This is the foundation, only the model is accurate, partly in order to go on the back of good.Here is the beginning of a tiger head modeling, I used to do mesh, in accordance with the requirements of your planned to subdivide the mesh structure.

  Step modeling is not detailed screenshots, mainly to tell you provide an idea for everyone after maintaining the status quo.


  figure 2

  The following is a brief step Head Modeling.


  image 3

  After the well is a simple render.I believe the extent of the show, you can easily express it.


  Figure 4

  Here are some wiring screenshots, we can refer to.


  Figure 5


  Image 6

  Here is the wiring of the head, is relatively simple, but personally think it is better than the grasp type.


  Figure 7

  The next part is a diffuse UV mapping and.Because the grid is very simple, it is relatively easy to UV share.Diffuse with photos of a real tiger, mainly because the last long hair can be based on diffuse.


  Figure 8


  Figure 9

  Second, the body shape

  The next step is the body, the head is relatively simple, diffuse is also a tiger photos, see.





  Third, the hair exhibits

  Next is the most important part of hair, used Shaghair friends all know, is to follow the trend of hair Line change change.So I do a lot to control the shape of the hair Line.Line more to do, it will show the details of the hair, the better.

  After the Line is completed, the hair is picked up.The following are some of the parameters of hair, for your reference.





  I also use a lot of texture to control the length of hair, density, thickness, knotted hair and curl effect.









  These are the head of the demonstration, but also to control some of the details with textures of hair.

  I was part of the tiger''s whiskers with Mesh done, because Tiger''s fairly thick beard, I''d like it better reflects the details, it is more appropriate to use Mesh.



  Fourth, the materials and lighting




  Figure 20


  Figure 21

  The final rendered images as follows, and I had to use photoshop perfection.It is worth mentioning that Shaghair rendered very quickly, so a picture takes only 10 minutes.

  Here is rendered just another angle of the picture for your reference.Because the body is not entirely to do a complete, we can not turn a very large angle.


  Figure 22

  Foreground and background of grass with Plane add texture to do, the final synthesis in Photoshop.


  Figure 23

  I want to show Tiger form is hidden in the grass, shot in the captured inadvertently rise.Therefore, the angle is selected to do the final lens toward the synthesis of.

  I hope you like.


  Figure 24


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