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Where cad automatically saved



  If you do not deliberately go to Settings Auto CAD automatically saved path, it should be the default for when you set the Auto CAD software automatically saves installation path, you can turn on Auto CAD software, Auto CAD can know where we are automatically saved.

  1, you turn on Auto CAD software to Auto CAD2004 I installed on your computer, for example, find the [Tools] - [Options] - "File", click on "File" column, you can see "Auto Save File" in this entry point to open it, you can see the Auto CAD automatically save path: C: Documents andSettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTemp, double-click the saved path, you can also customize the path, more convenient oh.As shown below:

  cad自动保存在哪里 三联

  2, find the path above is automatically saved.First, find the WINDOWS system - [Tools] - [Folder Options], as shown below:


  Select "Show hidden files and folders" and do not check the "Hide extensions for known file types", you can see all the files and folders, and all file extensions (this step must be done, because the default auto-save path in the WINDOWS system is hidden).To find C: Documents andSettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTemp this path, should be based $ file extension.But there is a question you should pay attention, this is the only auto-save files can be found in the case of non-normal shutdown of your CAD, CAD if you are properly closed, then you can not find the auto-saved files.

  To $ file extension, the suffix changed.Dwg file format, and then open the Auto CAD software you can see things saved.

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