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What are the new features autocad2015?Tutorials



  autocad2015 version has been officially released it - a lot of people are asking Xiao Bian, Autocad2015 what''s new in it?Xiao Bian below autocad2015 bring functional improvements introduced for everyone.

  autocad2015新功能有哪些? 29教程网

  And AutoCAD 2014 is the same as the splash screen and icons of the interesting things for me the first thing is the use of AutoCAD 2015.This is not a big deal thing.But at least I remember every AutoCAD release version will have a different splash screen before.

  There is no longer a welcome window

  I do not remember when you first add a welcome AutoCAD window.Many AutoCAD users can only see it one more time, is the first time you start the software after the software is installed.Then we immediately remove the "show at startup" check box, right?

  A new tab

  Not entirely so.Welcome screen does not truly gone.Now it has become a "new tab".When we start AutoCAD 2015, and by default it will open The figure below shows a new tab.

  autocad2015新功能介绍 autocad2015功能改进(附下载地址)

  In this interface has two tabs: Understanding and Creating.Compare carefully you will find that this is actually a new tab redesigned AutoCAD welcome screen.

  When we:

  1, the start AutoCAD2015 time;

  2, close all the time drawing file;

  3. Click the "+" icon to create a new drawing file from the drawing when the tab;

  4, the toolbar at the command line, type "newtab" when.

  The new tab page will be opened.

  When you start AutoCAD to open a new tab page is also a good feeling.But for those who like to create a new drawing from the graphics tab users, which has a little boring.If you do not want to use the "new tab" feature, you can change the system variable "NEWTABMODE" is 0.

  Dark theme interface program

  AutoCAD 2015 features a new character program.In AutoCAD 2014, we can choose between dark and bright theme interface.However, in the 2015 version of the interface color scheme of some deeper.For me, this color with the eye feel more comfortable, I like this.

  Of course, if you prefer the old-fashioned light-colored theme, then you can make changes.

  Open AutoCAD Options dialog box, display tab.In the options window elements, color scheme changed to "out" on the the picture shows

  autocad2015新功能介绍 autocad2015功能改进(附下载地址)

  Ribbon charts

  Autodesk is continuing to improve the performance of functional areas.In the AutoCAD 2015, Autodesk added a chart preview functionality for the insertion block and change the style.

  Figure you enter the ribbon Insert tab, you will notice that there is a down arrow on the Insert button, click on the chart you will see a preview of the current drawing all tiles exist, as shown in picture 4.Similarly, if you want to change the text style, dimension styles, table styles and other styles of the time, you could see a preview chart.

  autocad2015新功能介绍 autocad2015功能改进(附下载地址)

  More humane help

  Ribbon will provide additional context in each new version option, you can help us to easily access tools.

  When we visit a new tool, be sure to see the help system.Autodesk adds new method can help us to see the tools needed, just click the button icon or find a link, it will display a dynamic display of the arrow, will lead you to the tools of functional areas.

  Drawing and editing

  AutoCAD2015 add a new lasso selection tool.Click a blank area of graphics, and drag objects around the object to be selected.

  Promoted with the cursor operation state flag reflects the common.

  View terms

  After AutoCAD2015 significantly enhanced the model space viewport, create multiple viewports in model space, bright blue border identifies the active viewport, drag it to the edge of the boundary to delete another viewport.

  By dragging the horizontal or vertical boundary, can resize any viewport boundary drag while holding down the CTRL key, can be split model space viewport.

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