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Tutorials on how to enter text in AutoCAD



  AutoCAD with different word, can not directly enter text, you need to activate the associated editor to be able to enter text, but for this basic operation, there are still many not for beginners, how to enter text in AutoCAD it?

  如何在AutoCAD中输入文字 三联

  Tools / materials

  AutoAutoCAD engineering drawing software

  Input multiple lines of text

  In fact, more than one line of text and word edit almost, that is in a text can be entered in multiple lines, the easiest is to click the lower left corner of the AutoCAD "A", activate the two-line text input.


  Position 2 this time requirements specified in the command bar the first point, the first point is the first corner of the text box, click on your favorite AutoCAD placed text box.


  3 When asked to specify this second point, use the mouse to drag the text box to your favorite location, and then click to activate the text editing.


  4 Enter Here "dengyiyicheng" in the text, of course, you can enter the text you want.Here the output text size may not be what you want.


  5 to select the text, choose your favorite text style, then "OK" in the Value text box, enter the size as 20 here, click.


  6 this time to enter the text completed.If the text does not like or is not satisfied with the size, double-click it to edit.


  Single-line text input

  Single text, is only one line of text, multiline text of this operation with just a little bit of difference.After clicking the "Drawing" and then click on the "text", where as you can draw multi-line text, multiline text and click operation just as.Here click on the "single text".


  At this time asked to specify the starting point of the text, click on the one you like the location, the starting point of the selected text box.


  At this time in the command bar prompts for text height, entered like text height, so that the input text rotation angle, click on the Enter.


  This time in single-line text in the text editor, enter the predetermined content, entered, click the ESC key to escape, if you want to continue in other places enter, just click somewhere else, you can continue to enter text.

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