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The use of AutoCAD command FILL Sets the fill ring tutorial



  FILL command execution, AutoAutoCAD2013 tips:

  AutoCAD利用命令FILL设置填充圆环 三联

  Figure 01

  Input [ON (ON) / OFF (OFF)]<开>

  Prompt, "ON (the ON)" fill option allows effective, "off (OFF)" fill mode option is turned off, i.e. not filled.

  Here select "OFF (OFF)", and then re-execute the above steps AutoAutoCAD2013 drawing ring learned, can be drawn not filled ring.


  Figure 02

  2.AutoAutoCAD2013 system using variable FILLMODE whether the filling ring is provided following steps.

  In the "Command:" prompt enter FILLMODE press the spacebar key, AutoAutoCAD2013 tips:


  Figure 03

  Enter the new value of FILLMODE

  Prompt, by means closed in response to the fill mode 0, i.e. not filled; filled with a response mode is enabled, i.e. filling.

  Tip: FILL command or system variable FILLMODE change the fill settings, perform the REGEN command to take effect filling the AutoAutoCAD2013.

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