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Tengen CAD copy and paste shortcuts failure how to do?



  Tengen CAD copy and paste shortcuts failure how to do?After many students Tengen CAD installation, use mapping operation "ctrl + c" to copy, then "ctrl + v" to paste, paste simply can not find, you need to select "Paste" from the right-click menu can only be so accustomed to students use the shortcut key operation cause trouble, so I am here to tell you straightforward solution to the problem, follow these steps:

  1, open Tengen CAD, find the "Tools" option in the menu bar above, click on the "Tools" option, as shown below:


  2. Click on "Tools" option, pop-up drop-down menu, the penultimate line has a "custom" option, click "Custom" in the drop-down menu at the bottom of


  3, click the "Custom" option will pop up after the drop-down menu, the first line in the menu bar has an "interface" option, click "interface"


  4, click on the "interface" pop-up "Customize User Interface" dialog box in the bottom of the "Custom" and "transfer" two buttons, switch to the "Custom" button, and then from the "all files custom settings "words below select" All custom file ", then select its menu below the" keyboard shortcuts "on the right side of the dialog box has a column" shortcut ", under the" type "select" all keys " "All key" below is a list of each primary key shortcuts, type, source.


  5, on the right there is a drop-down bar, the pull-down bar pull down, find the "Free Paste", the shortcut command primary key change "ctrl + v", and then on the keyboard, press the enter key on it, paste it in front of the freedom to have a green tick the setting is completed.


  6, according to the above steps to set up the operation after completion, at the bottom right of the dialog box click "Apply" and "OK", then our problem is solved, you try to re-operate the following command!


  Note: If you experience problems that the CAD instead of Tengen CAD, then you have to follow the steps, when the final choice, do not select "Free Paste" to deal with "Paste" in the primary key commands to modify, not to mention CAD, had no "free paste".

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