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PS synthetic automotive styling key phone design tutorials



  In this tutorial, which we will use an ordinary phone keys, cell phone attached to this car wheels, it looks like the shape of a car, something like a cell phone, especially a character, like on a up and learn to do it.

  PS合成汽车造型的按键手机 29教程网

  First, open the following figure cell phone pictures, cell phone outline in the polygon selection tool, press Ctrl + Shift + I invert the selection area, press the Delete key to delete unnecessary portions.

  用PS合成一部汽车造型的按键手机图片 用PS合成一部汽车造型的按键手机图片

  Second, open the following figure automobile material, polygon area and select the tick green yellow car area portion of the tool, press Ctrl + T Free Transform to adjust the position until the appearance of mobile phones are basically consistent with the position.

  用PS合成一部汽车造型的按键手机图片 用PS合成一部汽车造型的按键手机图片

  Third, the pull out of the three portions of the split, the headlight portion draped in FIG filter region, a yellow region of the body portion in FIG Phi.


  Fourth, the components of a good fight after mixed-mode headlights and body parts to "overlay", so that the texture of the phone itself manifested.


  V. press Ctrl + J lamps and copying a part of the body, then the hybrid mode to the normal mode.

  6. In order to copy the new body and headlight mask layer is added separately, a circular brush selected stiffness 0 applicator yellow and green regions in the figures, the cover portion and the vehicle body except the wheels.


  Seven, press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E back layer, adjust the curve press Ctrl + M, improve brightness and reduce the value of the blue curve, so that the body display shiny gold.


  Eight, the shadow price adjustment and care effect, the final results came out.


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