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Production Example AutoAutoCAD perspective pentagram Practical Guide



  Specific production steps:

  A, AutoCAD utilizing pentagonal corner connection manner pentagonal drawing plane, the plane of the construction will be made Free domain pentagram.

  AutoAutoCAD制作立体五角星教程  三联

  figure 1

  Two, and then drawing the inner pentagram plane as an auxiliary pattern in the form of a pentagonal sides.


  figure 2

  Third, to the southwest isometric view, the auxiliary line drawing in Figure, the height of the height of the line from the set, and select the drawing command (command to enter ext) Free pentagonal selected domain, using the mouse input capture angle pattern center point , and an auxiliary vertical line pattern center point to the point of the auxiliary line, two end points of the input lines to capture the height of the height, thus completing (deleted redundant auxiliary line)


  image 3

  final effect


  Figure 4

  This method may also be used to draw a "Benz" sign of solid graphic pattern.


  Figure 5

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