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Photoshop Album automatically flip animated GIF making tutorial



  Hello everyone, I have not collude with the good.Put your favorite photos into your own album design, so she automatically (zì dòng) to turn the page to page you see is not very nice ah, but this album seems to be simple (jiǎn dān), in fact, it is not how better to do.

  Now search network, the current real decent flip animated photo album at least I did not search.Considering the production of this album has some difficulties, if too sketchily if the novice is not done.Today I wrote a post with Detailed methods.

  Because the layers are too many words to make an album file is too large, and the image (tú xiàng) Pixel is too small, then enjoy the feeling is not strong, so I do with the three pictures (tú piàn), picture (tú piàn) size 600 × 500px.

  Photoshop制作相册自动(zì dòng)翻页GIF动画教程,PS教程,16xx8.com教程网

  Do an album before the first material picture (tú piàn) by 6 to 5.5 good crop, and compresses to 590 × 420 pixels, and then later to zoom onto the album.

  First, create a clear file, clear a new file, an image (tú xiàng) size of 600 × 550 pixels, album image (tú xiàng) may be set according to the actual size of.

  Second, the album back cover design

  1, choose Toolbars Rectangular Marquee tool to pull a transparent rectangle on the new document, slightly smaller than the original file, use the following points to stay on top.

  2, menu bar, select Modify → smooth → "sampling radius = 15ps.".〖Pictures (tú piàn) 1〗

  Photoshop制作相册自动(zì dòng)翻页GIF动画教程,PS教程,16xx8.com教程网

  3, then filled with your favorite pattern or shading, I was filled with monochrome.

  4. Stroke: → middle → 4px 〖picture (tú piàn) 2〗

  Photoshop制作相册自动(zì dòng)翻页GIF动画教程,PS教程,16xx8.com教程网

  5, the projection: Figure values.Select → Save Selection (xuǎn qū) → default.CTRL + D to deselect (xuǎn qū).〖Pictures (tú piàn) 3 value〗

  Photoshop制作相册自动(zì dòng)翻页GIF动画教程,PS教程,16xx8.com教程网

  Third, the production of the album title page

  1, dragged into a front page picture (tú piàn), "Select", "Load Selection (xuǎn qū)" "Alpha 1"

  2, "Select" → "Edit" → "shrinkage" = 6px, "anti-election" → Remove the extra title page image (tú xiàng).〖Pictures (tú piàn) 4〗

  Photoshop制作相册自动(zì dòng)翻页GIF动画教程,PS教程,16xx8.com教程网

  Note: I plan to be carried in advance do three layers, not subject to interference.

  3, the projection to the album title page and stroke, so that these appear stereoscopic, Stroke Size = 1px.〖Pictures (tú piàn) 5 projection〗

  Photoshop制作相册自动(zì dòng)翻页GIF动画教程,PS教程,16xx8.com教程网

  29 tutorial network to remind you, tutorials unfinished, see the next page to continue learning (xué xí)!

  === === tutorial material prompted to open ps, follow the tutorial to do it again, do renderings can: submit jobs.Tutorials have not read where you can post questions to the forum: ps help

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