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Modify fill pattern AutoCad



  For existing hatch objects, the user can modify the pattern of its type, angle, spacing, relevance, and the like disposed islanding detection pattern.

  7.4.Modify fill pattern 1 Example 2

  Step 1 Open the graphics file

  Start AutoCAD 2002 system, open Chapter 6 Creating an instance file "exam6-1.dwg ";

  Step 2 Modify fill pattern

  Now we have to change the angle of the fill pattern in the document and the pitch.Select "Modify II (modification II)" in the toolbar Icon, follow the prompts to select hatch object, the pop-up "Hatch Edit (Hatch ed.)" Dialog box, as shown in Figure 7-11, and the following settings:

  (1) In the "Angle (Angle)" input box 90.

  (2) In the "Scale (ratio)" input box 15.


  Click the button to end the modification, the results shown in Figure 7-13.


  Step 3 Save the file

  Call to "save" command to save changes made.

  Example shows

  Call Hatch editing commands way:

  Toolbar: "Modify II (modification II)" →

  Menu: [Tools (tool)] → [Objects (object)] → [. Hatch (Hatch)]

  Shortcut menu: Select a hatch object and click to select "Hatch Edit . (Hatch Edit)" item

  Command line: hatchedit (or alias he)

  Using "Hatch Edit (Hatch ed.)" Dialog box, the following modifications to the pattern to fill:

  (1) "Quick (fast)": to modify the type of hatch tab, rotation, scaling, and other characteristics.

  (2) "Advanced (Advanced)": In this tab can only modify the island detection style, other items are unavailable.

  (3) "Composition (composition)": For the filling pattern having a correlation, that may disassociate through; for non association hatch, the unavailable.

  DESCRIPTION "hatchedit" has a corresponding command line in the form of "-hatchedit"

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