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In looking at how to use the search function cad tutorial



  CAD CAD query functions:

  In the hope CAD provides a variety of search function, use the search function to CAD designer draw drawing brought great convenience.CAD CAD program may query comprises a query point coordinates (ID), the distance (Distance), the area (area), quality characteristics (Massprop), time (Time) and other functions.

  Coordinates inquiry

  In the process of drawing using CAD CAD is sometimes necessary to view the coordinates of a point using the ID command can display a specified point coordinates.After entering the command ID, look in the CAD will exhibit X, Y and Z coordinate values of the specified point.

  Distance query

  Dist command is used to calculate the distance and angle between any two points in space.

  Dist command to query the contents of the meanings indicated:

  Distance: distance between two points

  XY plane angle: angle connection in the XY plane and the X-axis between the points

  The angle between the XY plane: the XY plane and the angle between connecting points

  Delta X: X coordinate of the two points relative to the first coordinate point X increment

  Delta Y: Y coordinate of point 2 point 1 with respect to the Y-coordinate increment

  Delta Z: Z coordinates of the two points relative to the first point Z coordinate increments

  Area of inquiry

  The CAD CAD query area may be calculated between the area and perimeter series of specified points, or more calculated perimeter and area of the object.Furthermore, the addition mode and the commands can also be used to calculate the combined area Save mode.

  Detailed area query command:

  (1) call "area" command, prompted to specify a series of corner points at CAD it as respective vertices of a closed polygon, and to calculate and report the closing area and the perimeter of a polygon.

  (2) call the "area" command, it prompted an object, in the hope that CAD and reports the calculated area and perimeter of the object; object may be "area" command include circles, ellipses, splines, polyline, regular polygon, and the surface domain and other entities.

  中望cad查询功能怎么用 三联

  When calculated by the above two methods, can use the "Add (A)" mode and "minus the (S)" mode is a combination of computing.

  (1) Add (A): When this option for calculating an area, the area and the system in addition to reporting the results of outside perimeter, also the total area plus the area.

  (2) subtracting (S): This option is used when calculating an area, the area and the system in addition to reporting the results of the outside perimeter, also subtracting the area of the total area.

  Quality characteristic queries

  In CAD CAD Pro query command also provides quality characteristics, and display quality can be calculated properties of regions or entity, such as area, bounding box, and the like centroid.


  In the hope that CAD also allows users to query results MASSPROP command is written to a text file, display the query results of the final system will prompt:

  "It is written document?It is (Y) /<否(N)>":

  If the user enters Y, the system further prompted for a file name, and the results stored in the file to.mpr format of the exported file, this file can be opened with Notepad format.

  List shows

  Wherein using the attribute list command list one or more objects simultaneously and geometric parameters.


  Display Status Inquiry

  In fact, every state has its own graphics, the boundaries of these states, including graphics, model space usage, the current layer, color, line and other information, you can use the Status command to query.

  Time Display Time

  Current time information exchange drawings with other users for CAD designers also helps a lot.This information includes the current time, creation time, last update time, etc., can be queried with the time command.

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