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How to use AutoCAD2013 zoom view technology tutorial



  AutoCAD2013 Chinese version of "Zoom"

  In AutoCAD2013, users can more quickly view by zooming function, more accurate, more detailed graphics rendering.This feature helps the user to observe the size of the graphic, the graphic can also be observed locally, graphics can also zoom in and out, and the original does not change the size of the pattern.

  First, the following four ways of calling Zoom View tool:

  1.Scroll mouse button drawing AutoCAD2013 Chinese version of the drawing window, an enlarged view of the rolling up, scroll down to narrow view.

  2.Click AutoCAD2013 "zoom range" inverted triangle on the right side of the Chinese version of the graphics window, select the appropriate scaling mode from the pop-up drop-down list.

  AutoCAD2013缩放视图如何使用 三联

  Figure 01

  3.Switch AutoCAD2013 Chinese version of the top menu bar to select the "View", select from the toolbar to open the "scope" of the inverted triangle, select the appropriate scaling mode from the pop-up drop-down list.


  Figure 02

  4.Enter the ZOOM command at the command line and press the spacebar.


  Figure 03

  Two, AutoCAD2013 Chinese version of the zoom view uses detailed tutorial:

  1."Range Zoom"


  Figure 04

  For full pattern has been drawn AutoCAD2013 drawing window, this time regardless of the pattern depicted drawing limits.

  2."Zoom Window"


  Figure 05

  Rectangular pattern for the specified window region enlarged, so that it fills the display window.

  As the next part of the method in FIG garage, selecting "Zoom Window" corner left mouse click tool, AutoCAD2013 drawing window requiring amplification region, and then release the mouse button to drag a rectangle.


  Figure 06

  Drag a rectangle to a suitable size, click the left mouse button again within the rectangular image area to be enlarged to fill the entire display window AutoCAD2013.


  Figure 07

  3."On a scale"


  Figure 08

  It used to view a display on recovery.This menu can be recovered many times over in front of the display of AutoCAD2013 view.

  4."Real-Time Scale"


  Figure 09

  For graphics, real-time zoom.

  Press and hold the left mouse button AutoCAD2013 drawing window, the mouse may be moved upwardly enlarged pattern; the mouse is moved downward out of the graph.

  5."Zoom All"



  After clicking the button, if each of the graphic objects are not beyond the threshold set pattern, AutoCAD2013 Click the graphic display boundaries, i.e., the display content located in the boundaries of graphical drawing window; if the graphic object drawn onto the sheet outside the boundaries, display range will be expanded to beyond the boundaries of the section is also displayed on the screen.

  6."Dynamic Zoom"



  For dynamic scaling.

  After clicking the button, AutoCAD2013 special screen mode is switched to the dynamic scaling, the user determines the display area required.After determining the display pattern corresponding to the window in the drawing area, the area determining spacebar press, to achieve the corresponding scaling.

  7."scaling ratio"



  Used to implement scaled specified.

  When you click the button, at the command line, enter the zoom ratio to press the space bar to achieve scaling.If the input 2X



  If the "input scale factor (nX or nXP):" input scale value after the prompt is a specific value, the absolute scale pattern will be realized, the ratio value, i.e. with respect to the actual size scaling.If the added suffix X, to achieve a relative scaling pattern, i.e., the currently displayed is scaled relative to the size of the pattern after the proportional value.If, after the proportion of value added XP, pattern relative to paper space scaling.For example, if the current drawing ratio of 4: 1 is displayed, the graphic is displayed four times actual size, then a ZOOM command, if the response by 2X, the graph at 2x magnification; but if the second response, display graphics not only larger, but will reduce the size of the graphic display is two times the actual size.

  8."Center Zoom"



  It is used to reset the graphic display of the zoom magnification and the center position.

  AutoCAD2013 executing the command prompt:





  Results of: AutoCAD2013 graphic specified in the new center position displayed in the center position of the drawing window, and graphics corresponding to zoom in or out: If the "enter or height ratio:" prompt is given scale (input number followed by a X), AutoCAD2013 scaled by the ratio; if the "input ratio or height:" input prompt is height values (after digital input no suffix X), AutoCAD2013 zooms pattern, such that in the drawing window by show highly pattern is input value (i.e., the height of the drawing window input value).Obviously, the height of the value of the input pattern will be enlarged is small, on the contrary out of the graph.

  9."Scale objects"



  For scaling graphics to display as large as possible - one or more selected objects, and displays in the drawing window AutoCAD2013.




  For AutoCAD2013 pattern relative to the current figure is enlarged - fold; click the button once per amplification, double zooms.




  For the AutoCAD2013 graphics shrink relative to the current graphics - times; each click out button graphic narrow doubled.

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