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How custom settings in line tutorial AutoAutoCAD



  Examples of operation of the process:

  1, as shown below, to find the path

  如何在AutoAutoCAD中自定设置线型  三联

  figure 1

  2, to find aAutoCADiaso.lin this file, double-click to open.


  figure 2

  3. After opening the file, and you find the record for the most similar line, I posted a question to help, for example, he was going to "heat pipe heat pipe --- ---" 1 line!We find this to be modified as shown under


  image 3

  4, the middle of the "HW" word to "heat pipe", noted that the second line HW also to "heat pipe", the first line is a brief description linear.As shown below


  Figure 4

  5. After the change, you can save as, remember the file name!


  Figure 5

  6, back to the AutoCAD interface, open line interface manager / load / file / find just the LIN file name.


  Image 6


  Figure 7

  7. OK, back to the screen, now see yet?


  Figure 8


  Figure 9

  9, the effect of draw



  10, may also be implemented in the command line custom type, but a little troublesome as:



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