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Flash production of low-emission high-energy auto ads wonderful animated tutorial



  Animated advertising is the most visible form of advertising allows the viewer on the page colorful inadvertently noticed advertising content to achieve the purpose of publicity, this can increase the CTR.

  Thinking this embodiment

  Import car material, and then make a car appear animated ads;

  Create text animation software SWiSHmax Flash in the auxiliary;

  Import car sectional view of the material, and then produce a cross-sectional view car ads.

  1, the production car ads

  (1) Create a size of 700 × 150 pixels, the frame rate is 20fps blank document, then make a background shown in FIG..

  Flash制作低排放高节能的汽车广告动画 29教程网

  Figure 1 Production background

  (2) Press Ctrl + R key combination imported automobiles and buildings images, shown in Figure 2.


  FIG second introduction creative

  (3) the trolley to the movie clip, and then enters the movie clip editing area, then the "line tool" draw contour lines, shown in Figure 3.


  FIG 3 plots contour lines

  (4) contour lines in the region of the filling good color pattern as a mask, as shown in FIG.


  Making a mask pattern of FIG. 4

  (5) Draw a linear rectangle are semitransparent mask layer (i.e. "layer 3"), shown in Figure 5.


  Mask pattern is plotted in FIG. 5

  (6) the rectangle into a movie clip, and then to produce a movement from right to left between traditional tween, shown in Figure 6.


  6 Create a motion tween tradition

  (7) to return to the "Movies Field 1", and then the car was left to right to produce complement traditional animation, and use the mask layer to produce complement traditional urban building animation appears, shown in Figure 7.


  7 production of traditional motion tween

  2, create a text animation

  (1) Start SwishMax, click the "Toolbox" in the "Text tool" button, and then enter the arena in the advertisement, then right-click, and in the pop-up menu, select "Effect / display to the position / crazy - Unlimited large "command, the effect shown in Figure 8.


  8 Add infinite animation

  Tips & Tricks: SWiSHmax is a Flash-supporting software, is a tool designed to make Flash text effects, you can easily create in SWiSHmax in a wonderful text effects, so that the "lazy" people from the heavy manual labor completely freed.

  (2) maintaining the selection of the text, and then to add a "disappears from the position" animation, shown in Figure 9.


  Figure 9 Adding animation to disappear

  (3) will produce a good text into Flash animation, graphics and then set to white in the properties panel, and a circulation attribute to "play once", shown in Figure 10.


  FIG 10 is provided with character attribute

  (4) Press Ctrl + Enter key combination release animation effects 11.


  11 animation preview

  3, making the product a sectional view of advertising

  (1) After the disappearance of all the shot to the next shot, first appearing vehicle anatomical pattern, shown in Figure 12.


  12 automobile anatomy

  (2) Automotive anatomy immediately after the disappearance of the lens over to another anatomy, 13.


  FIG 13 transitions

  (3) Preparation of the right side of a car environment anatomical map screen text ads foil, and to add a "glow" filter specific parameter settings 14.


  14 making environmental protection a text ad

  Tips & Tricks: Environmental animation is a text ad into small between classic tween animation.

  (4) The following make a gray screen brings enhanced by visual effects.First, draw the mask pattern, i.e., the ribbon occurrence region as shown in FIG 15.


  Drawing the mask pattern 15 of FIG.

  (5) draw a semitransparent mask pattern is shown in Figure 16.


  The mask pattern 16 is plotted in FIG.

  (6) to produce gray with traditional tween, 17 shown in FIG..


  17 production of traditional motion tween

  (7) to return to the "scene 1", the gray zone is provided in the Properties panel loop attribute is "play once", and then copy it, and a vertical flip operation error, as shown in FIG. 18.


  18 Copy Graphics

  (8) press Ctrl + Enter key combination release animation effects 19.


  19 animation preview

  (9) introduced car image, and then create their traditional production tween, formed over a visual difference, shown in Figure 20.


  20 production of traditional motion tween

  (10) Finally, add a picture ad Conclusion animation, shown in Figure 21, and then press Ctrl + Enter key combination animation released, the final results shown in Figure 22.


  21 advertisements Conclusion


  22 final image

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