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Fast killing the virus CAD design tutorials



  The first step to open all the hidden files and folders, as follows:

  Open "My Computer", click [Tools - Folder Options] to enter the Folder Options dialog box, click the View to the button, check off [Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)], check [on display All files and folders], then click apply OK.

  快速查杀CAD病毒 三联

  The second step to start the search acad *.lsp

  Return to the "My Computer" and click [search] button, the files and folders you want to search bar, enter acad *.lsp then click [Search Now] button to start search.


  The third step is to remove the virus

  View search results, the installation at all acad autocad position.lsp, acadapp.lsp, acadapq.lsp, acaddoc.lsp delete.Such as (C: Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataAutodeskAutoCAD 2004R16.0chsSupport) acad and put on all desktops.lsp, acadapp.lsp, acadapq.lsp, acaddoc.lsp also deleted

  1.Delete acadisa.lin search step with a search process to acadisa 2.lin to it can be deleted.Search acaddoc.fas

  2.Search Search the same process step 2 to acaddoc.fas to it can be deleted.

  3.Reinstall the software cad software can solve the virus problem.

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