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Examples of model rendering output AutoAutoCAD tips Tutorials



  Render the scene model output in the methods and techniques of Example AutoAutoCAD operation:

  Complete results

  AutoAutoCAD渲染教程 输出模型技巧  三联

  (1) implementation of the "File" → "Open" command, open the book comes with CD Chapter-14 "Indoor scene.dwg "file.Activate the "camera" view, render the scene, using the default settings may be observed scene scene rendering effect, as shown in FIG..


  The effect of the original scene

  (2) the implementation of "View" → "Render" → "Advanced Render Settings" command, or in the "Render" toolbar, click


  "Advanced Render Settings" button, open the "Advanced Render Settings" palette, as shown in Figure.


  "Advanced Render Settings" palette

  (3) Select "High" option in the top of the ''Advanced Settings Rendering "palette" Render Preset "drop-down list, and then in the" basic "rollout, the rendering resolution of the output image is provided, as shown in show.


  Setting image output resolution

  The right side of (4) followed by "indirect light emission" rollout, click "Global illumination" title bar


  "Specifies whether light should be projected onto the scene indirect light."Button to enable" Global illumination "mode, shown in FIG..


  Enable "global illumination" mode

  Note: In the "Advanced Settings Rendering" option group, the user can also image quality, shading, ray tracing reflected and refracted aggregation final rendering parameter settings, to achieve the desired image effect.

  (5) Click the "Advanced Render Settings" in the upper right corner of the palette


  "Render" button, or "rendering" toolbar, click


  "Render" button, the "rendering" to render the scene window, shown in FIG..


  "Render" window

  Tip: During the rendering process, if the user in advance found that the effect of rendering the effect is not ideal, may be the key to terminate the rendering and close the "Render" window.If you want to terminate rendering without closing the "Render" window by clicking on the left side rendering progress bar icon to cancel the rendering process.

  (6) After completion of rendering, the effect shown in FIG..


  After rendering the scene effect

  Tip: If you are working in an outdoor three-dimensional scene, sometimes need to add environment "fog" effect.By clicking "Render" toolbar


  "Rendering environment" button, open the "rendering environment" dialog box, shown in Figure.You can enable the "fog" effect in the dialog box, and the color of fog, and the extent of attenuation and other parameters set.


  "Rendering environment" dialog box

  (7) execute the "File" in the "Render" window → "Save" command, open the "Render Output File" dialog box shown in FIG..


  "Render Output File" dialog box

  (8) set to render the path to save the output file, and then refer to Figure render output image file name and format settings, and then click the "Save" button to exit the dialog box.


  Set the file name and format

  Tip: AutoAutoCAD can output multiple image files in different formats, such as BMP, TGA, TIF, PCX, JPG and PNG.

  (9) Exit "Render Output File" dialog box, opens "the JPEG image Options" dialog box, the dialog box may be provided in the size and quality of the output image file, shown in FIG..Keep the default settings, click the "OK" button to close the dialog box, complete image file output.


  "JPEG Image Options" dialog box

  (10) After completion of the output image file, the reader can be opened from Windows Explorer file output of the image, see the final results, shown in FIG..


  Output image files

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