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Examples AutoAutoCAD instance status bar grid setting skills practical tutorial



  If the function is enabled AutoAutoCAD2013 grid, the grid lines can be displayed at the specified row and column distances in distance uniformly distributed AutoAutoCAD2013 drawing window, shown in FIG..As can be seen, the grid lines can be used for a similar effect when the coordinate position of the drawing shows that, with the graph paper, but these will not AutoAutoCAD2013 grid lines printed on the sheet.

  AutoAutoCAD教程 状态栏栅格的实例设置技巧 三联

  Figure 01

  Tips: AutoAutoCAD2013 drawing, using the grid functions can easily achieve alignment between the pattern, determining a distance between the graphic object.

  A, AutoAutoCAD2013 enable grid function

  Whether to enable the grid can be achieved by following a switching function.

  1.Press the keyboard [F7] key to enable or disable the grid.

  2.Click the icon on the status bar AutoAutoCAD2013, when the icon changes to a green icon, a grid feature is enabled.

  Tip: AutoAutoCAD2013 drawing process, you can always enable or disable the grid functions as needed.

  Second, set the grid

  "Drafting Settings" dialog box is used to open a command DSETTINGS.AutoAutoCAD2013 or on the status bar (grid) button at the right-click, select "Settings" from the shortcut menu, you can open AutoAutoCAD2013 "Drafting Settings" dialog box.


  Figure 02

  [Enable] grid

  Turn on or off the grid.You can also "grid" click on the status bar, press the F7 key, or use GRIDMODE system variable to turn on or off grid mode.

  [Style] grid

  Set of two-dimensional grid pattern in context.You can also use GRIDSTYLE system variable is set grid style.

  [] Two-dimensional model space

  The grid style AutoAutoCAD2013 two-dimensional model of the space to a grid point.


  Figure 03

  [Editor] Block

  The grid pattern block editor to set grid point.

  [Drawing / layout]

  The grid style layout drawings and AutoAutoCAD2013 set point grid.

  [Grid pitch]

  Display of the control grid helps to visualize the distance.

  Note LIMITS command and control system variables GRIDDISPLAY grid limits.

  Grid spacing [X]

  Grid spacing in the direction designated X.If the value is 0, the grid a "capture the X-axis pitch" set of values.

  Y grid spacing []

  Grid spacing in the Y direction designated.If the value is 0, the numerical grid set "capture Y-axis pitch" of.

  [Number of] the grid for each main line

  Specify the primary grid lines with respect to the time frequency grid lines.

  [Grid] behavior

  Show grid lines in the following without displaying the grid point where:

  AutoAutoCAD2013 GRIDSTYLE set to 0 (zero).

  AutoAutoCAD2013 LT: SHADEMODE set to "hide".

  Control the appearance of grid lines.

  Adaptive grid []

  When reduced, the grid density limit.

  PERMIT pitch less than the grid spacing subdivided]

  When enlarged, generate more smaller gridline spacing.Determining the frequency of the main frequency of these grid lines of grid lines.

  [Show Grid beyond the boundaries]

  Display command specifies the grid beyond the region LIMITS.

  [Follow] Dynamic UCS

  XY plane of the grid plane to follow the change of the dynamic UCS.

  Three, AutoAutoCAD2013 grid behavior settings

  In the "grid behavior" option group "Snap and Grid" tab, if you select "adaptive grid", when the narrow display graphics, will automatically change the grid density of the grid is not too close.If the "allow subdivided grid spacing is less than" check box, when the display pattern is magnified, can add some of the grid lines.If you select "show outside the bounds of ∷ box, AutoAutoCAD2013 entire drawing is displayed in the screen only displays a grid on the drawing grid limits set by the LIMITS command.

  Four, AutoAutoCAD2013 Example using raster graphics rendering steps:

  First set the grid spacing and capture.Open AutoAutoCAD2013 "Drafting Settings" dialog box."Snap and Grid" tab in the dialog box, and the snap spacing grid spacing are set to 5, and enable the capture function and the grid, shown in FIG..


  Figure 04

  Click the "OK" button to close the dialog box, AutoAutoCAD2013 show grid lines on the screen.LINE command pattern drawn with this point, will only see the cursor is located in each raster line, it is possible to readily determine the position of each end of the straight line (the distance is determined by the number of grids, steps are omitted); present a graphical view drawing composed of simple linear, and the pattern size of each of integral multiples of 5.Thus, the use of capture AutoAutoCAD2013 grid function, without entering the coordinate values can be readily determined end position of each line.


  Figure 5

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