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Examples AutoAutoCAD disposed drawing units excellent tutorial format



  Before the design drawings, graphics should first set up the unit.For example, the drawing ratio is set to 1: 1, then all graphs will be drawn true to size.Pattern setting unit includes type setting the initial direction of the length and angle, and the angle of accuracy.

  1.Click to select AutoAutoCAD2013 Chinese version - "Drawing Utilities" - "units".Or enter and execute commands UNITS.

  AutoAutoCAD设置绘图单位格式实例 三联

  Figure 01

  2.Open AutoAutoCAD2013 "drawing units" Settings dialog box.


  Figure 02

  [Settings] length

  In the "pattern unit" dialog "length" of the option area, you can set the length of the unit type and precision pattern.

  In the "Type" drop-down list box, there are "fractional", "score", "project", "building" and "scientific" five units of length options; units in the "precision" drop-down list box, you can choose the length of precision, i.e. four decimal digits, the maximum can be accurate to decimal 8, the default value after the decimal point.

  NOTE: AutoAutoCAD2013 mechanical drawing of the length dimension is generally a "decimal" format.

  [Settings] angle

  In the "graphic unit" dialog "Angle" option area, you can set the angle type and precision graphics.

  In the "Type" drop-down list box, there are "decimal degrees", "percent degree", "rad", "surveying unit" and "degrees / minute / second" units option five angles; (decimal degrees with decimal number expressed as percent of the suffix letter g, the degree / minute / second format by the letter d represents a degree, by the symbol ''denotes points, "represented by the symbol seconds, the suffix letter r radians places.

  NOTE: Our AutoAutoCAD2013 mechanical drawing, the general size of the angle "degrees / minute / second" format.

  In the "accuracy" drop-down list box, select the accuracy of angular units;

  "Clockwise" check box is used to specify the positive angle direction, clockwise if selected, places the clockwise direction is positive, by default, the counterclockwise direction is a positive direction.

  Click the "Graphical units" and "direction" button in the dialog box, pop-up "directional control" dialog box, in this dialog box, you can set the angle of the reference direction.Among them, you can select the east, north, west or south in the direction of zero degrees; you can also choose "Other" radio button is the "angle" text box is activated, either positive or zero in the text entry box with the X-axis direction Numerical angle direction.You can also click the corresponding "Angle" button to specify directly from the drawing screen.


  Figure 03

  [] Set the insertion ratio:

  In the "graphic unit" dialog "Insert ratio" option area, the user can select the unit for scaling insert the contents of the "unit for scaling insert content of the" drop-down list box.

  NOTE: After setting the drawing unit, AutoAutoCAD2013 Chinese version of the coordinates of the cursor displayed on the status bar a corresponding format and precision.


  Figure 04

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