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Draw a cross head screwdriver use AutoAutoCAD Tutorials



  Head screwdriver points "a" shape and "ten", the last time we introduce "a" flat screwdriver head of painting, today we introduce "ten" painting flat screwdriver head.

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  利用AutoAutoCAD绘制十字形螺丝刀头  三联

  1, AutoCAD drawing in a long cylinder with a diameter of 6 to 200, the angle is positive when the stretching.


  figure 1

  2, a cross-sectional depth of the groove to draw the line position.


  figure 2

  3, the offset of this line 3 is adjusted to make a circle UCS, a draw angle is greater than 95 ° -100 °.


  image 3

  4, even a closed loop - surface domain - path drawn into body.


  Figure 4

  5, and then adjust the array of four UCS.


  Figure 5

  6, difference.


  Image 6

  7, so complete.


  Figure 7


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