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cad2004 license expired how to do



  cad2004 is a good use of 2D and 3D graphics rendering software, but at the time of installation cad2004 is the need for a serial number, if you do not have the serial number is only one month free trial can be oh, so cad2004 license expired how to do, Xiao Bian gave us a detailed answer.

  1, RI free download cad2004 absolutely no reported drug version, decompress


  2. Click AutoCAD2002-2004 installation KEY.exe


  3, SEQ ID NO Get


  4, after running AUTOCAD2004 application number appears, choose a good country (CHINA), then use the mouse to discredit the application number, Ctrl + C, run AutoCAD2004 RI.The EXE, Ctrl + V input application number, to obtain an authorization number, the license number with the mouse smear, copy or Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V or paste and then enter the authorization number, registration OK!

  If your license expired cad2004 can be resolved with reference to the appeal way Oh, I hope useful.

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