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cad2004 installation tutorial help Tutorial



  cad2004 version can be a good draw any 2D and 3D graphics, drawing cad2004 fast, high-precision, non-computer professionals can quickly learn to use, if you do not know how to use cad2004, Xiao Bian gave you with the following to cad2004 installation tutorial.

  1, the downloaded file to decompress compressed AutoCAD2004.


  2, opening the master installer AutoCAD2004.


  3, the main program to start the installation AutoCAD2004.


  4. In the dialog box, click the "Install" button


  5, to accept the "Install Protocol".


  6, enter the installation, "Serial Number", the default can.


  7, enter your user information.


  8. Select "Typical" installation.

  9, set the installation path.


  10, to start the installation AutoCAD2004.


  11, the installation is complete, exit the installation interface.


  This is small to give us the cad2004 installation tutorial, if you need to you can download Oh, I hope useful.

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