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cad2004 how to create a template newbie tutorial



  cad2004 is a powerful mapping software, you can use cad2004 new template to draw graphics, but graphics and some new friends in the use of cad2004, select the pop-up model, how to open a new drawing it, cad2004 how to create a template, the following Xiao Bian gave you bring cad2004 introduce new template problem.

  How to set new default template CAD graphics

  1. Open the AutoCAD software


  2, setting layers, text styles, and dimension styles, etc.


  3, set up after clicking Save as drawing template file, enter the name acadiso, click Save in the dialog to confirm overwriting the dialog box, select "Yes".After closing the software, open again is based on the drawing template you have just set up.

  To modify the pattern template again, repeat the above steps.


  When CAD2004 new graphics, pop-up is the "Select Template" dialog box, how to open the "Create New Graphic" dialog box, create your own template?

  After the first not enter a CAD file, open a CAD panel, click on the uppermost ''tools'' item, the last item drop-down menu is the ''Options'', click on it in the pop-up menu Panel of the top with a row of options, find the ''system'' in it to select it, found in the bottom of the menu ''start'', started in the back there is a drop-down box, the default is ''do not display the startup dialog'' in the drop-down box select ''show startup dialog'' after selecting point below the application, close the current file OK, and then create a new file, it will pop up to create your own version of the touch

  This is small to give us a new template cad2004 problem, hope can help to you.

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