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CAD viewport configuration example of the operation split multiple viewports art tutorial



  AutoCAD2013 Chinese version of split "operation of a plurality of viewports"

  We have already learned about the user interface, there are two working spaces AutoCAD2013 drawing window, model space and paper space (layout space).Typically, either two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphics are drawn in model space in the drawing, it is the same regardless of the size of paper space drawing, but to draw the correct graphics in this space.When the design work is completed and the drawing, and then drawing into the space, it does not require any modifications to the graphical user in paper space, but the layout adjustment, pattern model space in different proportions with and be annotated text, constitute a complete graphics and final output.

  AutoCAD2013 viewport area is used to display different user model.Model Space drawing area may be split into one or more adjacent rectangular viewport, referred to as model space view.In large or complex graphics, the display of the different viewports can be shortened in a single zoom or pan the viewport time.For example, we use a form of the entire viewport display pattern, and the other a zoom viewport area for editing.Creating multiple viewports in model space, the purpose is to facilitate the observation and graphing.

  Created on AutoCAD2013 model space viewport will fill the entire drawing area and do not overlap each other.After a viewport to make changes, other viewports will update immediately.Chinese version AutoCAD2013 drawing created in space (spatial layout) in multiple viewports, intended to facilitate a rational distribution of the drawings, the user can copy, move, and so any of a viewport, the same user to observe a three-dimensional solid from different angles objects.

  AutoCAD2013 Chinese version of the split multiple viewports step tutorial:

  1.Switch to "View" tab AutoCAD2013 interface - "Viewport Configuration" down arrow; select switch several viewports (-VPORTS may be input at the command prompt the pop-up from the drop-down list, or enter 2,3 4 to the specified number of viewport.).

  CAD视口配置拆分多个视口操作实例 三联

  Figure 01

  The drop-down list in the "three: left," AutoCAD2013 viewport to split into three viewports.


  Figure 02


  Figure 03

  2.Click any one viewport, draw graphics and edit graphics, such as the left graphics enlarged AutoCAD2013.


  Figure 04

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