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Teach you to use AI to create exquisite seamless texture pattern tutorial



  The pattern of a scene, a list in a random manner over the entire canvas, which form a pattern of a texture pattern.And such a texture pattern in two forms, the first is subtle texture texture, most of these textures applied to the page background, it seemed more low-key, the main color is black and white ash; second is independent of patterns details of randomly dispersed pattern texture, as FIG..


  Such a pattern can be spread throughout the canvas texture, he emphasized the theme directly, although direct use page layout are rare, but can also be used in the production of an ad or a special view of a modified scene.

  Today we are going to learn is the second pattern is independent of the details of the texture pattern, already have similar thepatternlibrary this site to provide you with a beautiful pattern texture download, but the design and details of the actual need or the least bit of difference, then, build yourself a seamless pattern texture is vital.

  First, make ready

  1, AI software;

  2, FIG completed manuscript;

  3, color scheme;

  Second, drawing on details of the plan

  1, carding details

  Here is a detailed view of a random pattern composed of "cells" or "texture", then the beauty of the fabric would largely affect the final results.So, here we will ask you to complete the manuscript.

  Manuscripts can be any play, to draw you think best fit "appearance" according to the details you want to create a theme.Manuscripts can with a pencil on paper drawing, you can own painting wacom.Here I use the wacom direct way is to use painting.

  Note: wacom tablet is hand-painted another name

  The emphasis here is the color scheme, because the details of the plan is composed of a plurality of objects, therefore, involves a variety of colors and color combinations will be very important, so full preparations need is a color scheme, in you can easily use the appropriate color when painting, not because of the color of messy and headache.

  For everyone to take a look at the color scheme I prepared:


  Here I have to do is Japanese classical texture, then either the color or the object will tend to choose classical Japanese style.

  2, drawing pattern

  Photos from Japan trip, choose a few as typical Japanese impression of the object composition: cherry blossoms, lanterns, dwarf bamboo, fan, stone.

  Below I will examine the use of AI software to draw.Drawing on objects, where I believe we will be using their favorite painting, I will omit the actual drawing process in order to ensure more open and creative freedom when each reader.AI software for vector construction geometry have sufficient advantages, it is possible to select a geometric pattern using ingenious combination, cutting etc. when drawing.

  I feel for rendering graphics using AI software, it''s like we have done as a child, like paper-cut manual work, the use of basic geometric shapes, hands and brain, may be a collage with any shape pattern.The sophistication and apply various effects software can make the entire pattern to achieve a color effect.

  Can be temporarily used during random colors in the drawing, all objects are to be drawn together to complete the composition, again in accordance with the toner color scheme.

  Cherry drawing process:


  Japanese fan drawing process:


  Lanterns drawing process:


  Dwarf Bamboo drawing process:


  Stone rendering process:

  新手教程!教你利用AI打造精致无缝纹理图案 Third, the seamless processing composition and

  After the completion of all objects are drawn, we began combining composition, the most fun time to!

  AI appropriate size to create a new document will just draw a good thing are placed on the canvas.Because we do not consider when drawing neatly color matching, and now need to do is to adjust the color according to our color scheme.

  This is the palette ago:


  According to the toner color scheme:


  Then select all objects, click the object> pattern> Create.Then there will be a pattern creation options panel, you can choose to debug in this panel, you most want to make a texture pattern.For example, copy the new cherry, decorative dots increases, reducing the transparency of some of the details, recolor, etc..

  The point here should be noted that:

  1) create your pattern panel settings, in order to maintain the pattern is seamless, collage here to select the type of "grid"

  2) I am here to set the pattern size is 300px * 300px, to ensure that each object can be the perfect show out

  3) Try not to leave blank, so make the whole pattern appears full rich

  Here you will immediately see the final results of the entire pattern.After clicking Finish after the completion of the upper left corner.You will see a seamless texture pattern you just created in the color panel, double-click it will pop-up settings panel, you can continue to modify.


  At this time, then this seamless texture pattern on the well.

  新手教程!教你利用AI打造精致无缝纹理图案 Fourth, the use

  You can try to draw a 300px * 300px rectangle, the size of the rectangle is consistent with the pattern size just set.After selecting the hatch and then exported as a picture format png.

  Save PNG image has the advantage that retains the transparent background, then use this pattern will be more flexible, because the background can make changes according to different situations.PS is defined in the software of the pattern is good, increasing the gradient background solid color background or other practical use, following FIG..

  新手教程!教你利用AI打造精致无缝纹理图案 V. Conclusion

  The process of making the texture pattern, you have to train yourself is the ability to balance the beauty of the whole picture, is designed to balance the relationship between each clip, including their color, distance, structure . and these are the steps you need III to obtain an optimal point by trying.Tutorial I have no further beautify this pattern, but you have to remember that design is not the end.I hope you can do better!

  adobe illustrator

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