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Teach you to take advantage of the wonderful examples of PS and AI make low poly style avatar



  Editor''s Note: Recently, a called "Meng face" suddenly fire up the APP, small circle of friends are sprouting refresh the face, under angry to see this tutorial - teach you to create personalized use of PS and AI polygons Avatar , the effect is so handsome, immediately overjoyed, and quickly share out.Xiao Bian see a lot of foreign friends immediately after learning for a picture, excellent set of small partners also quickly start training!

  @ Creative farmers: here, the Brazilian designer Breno Bitencourt will introduce you to how low polygon portrait in Illustrator and Photoshop in step by step fashion production.

  This style works secret is to have a high-quality original photographs (negatives).First, Breno demonstrates how to (use myself as a case) to draw the triangles.Then he demonstrates how to accomplish these tasks in Photoshop and Illustrator to create vector version.

  Breno said, this tutorial you do not need to be a master of Illustrator or Photoshop, just to have a good eye and patience.

  Time to complete: 4 hours

  Software needed: Any new version of adobe illustrator and Photoshop.

  比「脸萌」还帅气!教你利用PS和AI制作low poly头像 first step

  First you need a good film.In this tutorial, I decided to make a self-portrait, so I need to help my friend to shoot some photos.

  Important: This method is used to express the depth of perspective, that is, the film should have a good change of highlights and shadows, and to try to ensure that your negatives, there are some hard-edge accessories, which will contrast (for example, soft skin and clothing like the collar glasses, jewelry or trim).

  You need to find out the best parts of the film to synthesize what you need from these photos.As you can see in this screenshot, I first select the face from one photo, then select the glasses and other details from other photos.Some picky is very important at this stage.

  For the portion of each section, generally cut out desired.Then create a black background document in Photoshop, then every part of the photos on different layers.

  比「脸萌」还帅气!教你利用PS和AI制作low poly头像 The second step

  Now, you need to combine them to create the perfect film.Delete unnecessary parts, the part of your choice collage - mixed mode using a mask and put them together.

  You do not have to fight in full accordance with the original photo, you just want to make a handsome like me as negatives.For example, I do not like the glasses leg on the way on my ear, so I extended.

  I also changed some of my hair, it is not very interesting.

  比「脸萌」还帅气!教你利用PS和AI制作low poly头像 third step

  On the basis of the image on your synthetic, adjust the contrast, color balance, gradation and the like to create a more dynamic image.

  I really should not say this, but I often use Photoshop''s Auto Contrast, Auto Color and Auto Levels function (in the image menu), if you do not want to manually adjust, then use these automatic functions are very useful.

  比「脸萌」还帅气!教你利用PS和AI制作low poly头像 the fourth step

  I want to tone my last works warmer than some of the earlier film, it becomes close to what I want, I added the color purple layer blending mode.

  比「脸萌」还帅气!教你利用PS和AI制作low poly头像

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