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Taught you how to draw the air flowing ink ink font effects tutorial examples with PS




  Ink fonts often appear in a number of traditional, ethnic and other elements linked to the design, it is a popular font effect.Because before someone asked how to do this effect.Today to bring you a simple tutorial, ten minutes package you get, to learn!

  Due to the different needs, the step of making this kind of thing can be adaptable to the cut.

  In order to be able to say this process as clear as possible, took a walk each step, the finished product becomes a bit superfluous feeling.Whatever, parents who can understand the methods, enough ~

  Packaging material disk download link web: http: // / s / 1gd31TPT Password: hahs

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  As the saying goes, do not fight the battle unprepared.In order to obtain the effect of ink strokes and tear and texture, of course, this type of brush is not small by.So, after we create a new layer background, we need to load the brush as soon as possible.

  Open Text tool, in which the election of a similar antiquity font (font-related There are many, here is Genyou Ye brush running script font) In fact, the hip would like to know, just like the font (bold face) to do this effect, It must be very strange for it.The less the closer the election font thoughts, modify the base font spent part of the time.

  Speaking the word outgoing, amplified to the desired format, which is then converted to the shape.


  Use the pen tool to make some adjustments, some of your art here can handle.Here I must point out that serious, ink word here is the process, not simulation calligraphy.Although this method is easily achievable.


  Focus here.Here the ink is actually handling the truth is in two parts.The first part of the original font used in conjunction with the brush mask to "sabotage" make a similar texture, and the second part is on top of it to add ink.Finally, the overall reflected on it.Layers are placed as follows:


  Like "brush" brush strokes.


  When painting, can be mentioned spacing can see individual brush, then continue to the rotation angle to fit the font you want to wipe the edge.


  But also with different transparency and flow back and forth repeatedly wipe.

  Results are as follows.


  Then select the class ink brush to add some elements.


  Try to choose the font and brush strokes have some contact to fit.


  Some other elements may be deformed by force fit like.


  Here is the "mask" is displayed alone.


  Then open the drawing software to draw some smoke smoke similar decorative elements.(This software is great, the material in the package, be a small gift.)

  15ps20150812 16ps20150812

  Then go into the decor, add a background font below it.In the final decoration ideas you want to click on it.


  Tutorial to end here, we need to pay attention to:

  1. This ink font production is relatively simple, pay attention to some of the accumulation of material.For example, some ink brush and ink picture material.Brush here can take advantage of this kind of picture material instead, you can own use of such material to produce brushes

  2. This font belongs to the decorative fonts, can be treated with the same method on other pictures.For example, artistic portraits of treatment and so on.

  3. To simplify the number of steps based on the actual requirements of each person they want to make themselves the effects of.

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