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STEPH BAIN beauty of AIRBNB UI design director for one day



  AIRBNB UI美女设计主管STEPH BAIN的一天 29教程网

  @Sitsism: 2010 One day in, Joe Gebbia (Airbnb Chief Product Officer) sent a Tweet, hoping to find a designer mobile.Steph then sent him a private letter, enclosed my portfolio.At that time, she did not think how, not long before she begins with the Victoria City, British Columbia hometown came Airbnb, and quickly became one of them.When she joined the Airbnb is one of only 25 people in a small company, watching Airbnb grow into the current size of 700 large companies.She is now in the leadership of UI Design team, recently redesigned Airbnb 3.0 version.


  Airbnb visual direction of UI Design team responsible for the definition and conceptualization Airbnb Web and mobile platforms.As UI Design Manager, Steph said: I am responsible for clearing obstacles in the designer''s world, review their work, through the exchange of understanding of the issues they appear, helping them to be more independent, yielding the best works.

  When she is not designing, she would write her food blog Whole Food Lab, or go out and adventure travel with her husband.

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  She and her husband and dog Penny lives in Mission District.She gets up very early every day to exercise close to home Dolores Park.Pre-work will come as a cup of Green smoothie breakfast.

  Can you tell us more of what you feel in Airbnb?

  "It was a crazy experience.I do not even know what a start-up companies, or do not realize that I joined a start-up companies.When I first came to San Francisco, into this small industrial building, the atmosphere inside was immediately infected.Everyone hug me, although I do not know them, but I feel comfortable.

  Joe is a mobile development engineers, we work together crazy for three days.I slept on his couch, but I think he should let me bed, sleeper sofa he fishes."

  Why did you join Airbnb?

  "I decided to join because of the people here.It''s like a big family, I think I belong here..Joe is a good design leader, I can not miss this good opportunity."


  Steph behind the residence has a garden, she planted some vegetables for himself.Her time will be 9:00 and Penny and neighbor Kyle Pickering (another name Airbnb designer) walk 40 minutes to the company.

  9:45 am


  Steph Airbnb office in the corridor of the UI designer Brandon Lane chat."Here it is a good place, not when the conference room we will be here for the conference.What will come here for lunch, what activities can also be used."Airbnb has just moved to a bigger place in order to support the company''s growth faster.


  Steph will Airbnb of KP''s Coffee Shack cup of morning coffee.The coffee is ground by the children of senior designer Kyle Pickering initiated, and later became a symbol of the whole team Airbnb.Steph usually prefer at this time and some people chat, Comin Brandon and user experience design director Shaun Modi.

  You are at the beginning of the outsourcing company to do the design, start-up companies to do so in the design of their products is what it feels like it?

  "I had never really loved outsourcing design work, and concepts like traditional print advertising, etc..I always try outsourcing projects in favor of some of the products live --Facebook advertisements, web pages and any other digital work.This UI hone my skills.

  By contrast, the challenge is very exciting work Airbnb.This is a complex product, on the one hand because it is a product line, but we also need to connect it through the crowd at the line.I like the challenge.At first I worried about is not only a product, do the same thing every day to do a long time will not be very bored.Later discovered that I did not do the same thing, every day is so different.We can always come up with great ideas on our new products.This will never change."

  What are your suggestions before outsourcing company later want the transition to the company''s pioneering work designer?

  "Ready for closer cooperation.We have three founders, but they never tell us how to do.They only let us figure out how to solve the problem, and it requires us to work closely with the project team.In outsourcing company, and we''ve never really worked with engineers.Engineers can make very creative ideas - I had no idea.Sometimes they think about some of the issues related to the design, some I have not even considered.

  In addition, to design a lot of things, you have to throw away a lot of design.You make a bad design speed faster, the closer you are to make a stunning design..I think this should apply to all work.I like a recent project, I designed 85 different variations as one interface.The first attempt did not succeed, I do not want to get frustrated too difficult.To force myself to make as many versions as possible to make sure it is perfect, but also a great challenge.Tire toss, do not lose heart, is not easy."

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  Steph before she started doing stand-up desk design.Penny in the vicinity of a cruise is, one day."I usually do every day 1-2 hours of uninterrupted design, I will not arrange matters during this period in my schedule, this is my ''wearing a headset, do not interfere King'' time.It really is my cross between management and personal design work, the only way to allow me to take complete design work."

  Your design process is what?

  Early I will do a lot of inspiration interface cards, such as some cool interactivity, animation styles and even some things.Usually share these to colleagues to see if they react.Then I''ll do some visual design with Photoshop.Team members then went to see a friend of the designer or reaction.If I was stuck in some places, I''ll find a man in a design team to help me solve this problem or get some new ideas.Fresh view is very important to me, I''ll be in the design process to get as many people involved.

  I do not like to spend too much time in the day to do the design, there are about four hours a day right.If I forced myself to design eight hours, I will lose creativity.So I tried to separate time periods, such as walking the dog or go for a run.

  Your job now regarded as top secret, can you tell us a project before you do it?

  In November we launched iOS and Android 3.0 version.I was responsible for the iOS client.Probably four-month.We basically redesigned the existing application interface each.At the same time we rethink how users use the processes and interactions with our App and try to unify our vision and function, allowing users to be more user-friendly design to promote progress.I like to do the design for mobile devices, as do the design for the small screen is a very challenging thing.


  Steph led the team to complete the iOS 3.0 redesigned version of the visual part of.Carried out for each interface of iOS 7, while introducing a new navigation menu "Airnav".

  What is a recent challenge Airbnb?

  I think the biggest challenge is to put every detail to achieve perfection-friendly, so that mothers can also use the user.This means that it is to super intuitive, easy to use and really easy to understand.I constantly remind myself to take a step back, use the "mother''s eye" view of their design.As a designer, I naturally hope that their design looks very beautiful, but sometimes not the best choice for users.

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