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PS combined with AI make lovely wool weaving icon Tutorials



  The main part renderings are done in AI, the graphics are not very complicated, the authors also introduce more detailed, you can complete slowly.The pattern is then introduced into the well of the PS, with the color pattern layer and the like to increase the texture and texture.

  final effect

  PS结合AI制作可爱的毛线编织图标 29教程网

  1, first make two texture processing with PS, as FIG..


  2, open AI (Illustrator), to produce the pattern shown in FIG..


  3, and then to produce the effect shown in the figure pattern and the brush, which is done in the AI.


  4, other shapes are also a pattern made by the method above.


  5, then the yarn texturing out, as shown.


  6. Here are a few doing graphic renderings.


  7, inside the AI to do in several graphics into PS, each graphics are pasted as a Smart Object.


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