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PS and AI combine the images of people quickly into simple cartoon graphic design tutorial



  On the idea of making cartoons rather special.First, people find a creative image appropriately adjusted (to adjust the local size and angle, and treated with an appropriate tool or the like liquefied) in PS, made of simple bulk effect.Then draw freehand or the effects of AI in the PS. final effect 1. Open your own photos in Photoshop.We will use as an example image.First, use the Lasso tool to select the head. 2, right click Free Transform.Then adjust the size of the head, making it larger than the body.You can also put a little smaller body.We have to draw a cartoon, so the more exaggerated the better. 3, after all the exaggerated image of the setup is complete, paste the image into Illustrator,.You can use your reference image as the guide surface of FIG, or merely to be acquainted.In this case, we use it to draw the basic outline of women''s. Using the Pen tool and draw along the head, hair, clothes and the main body.Determines that the overlapping layers to ensure that they are properly.Not perfect all right, in the production to repair just fine. 4, face painting before us, we go to the completion of a.First draw a uniform lapel and (copy and paste> Transform> symmetrical> Vertical: 90 degrees).Then add the rest of the shirt and collar lapel. 5, add shadows and wrinkles on his arm, color set to black, unfinished after the opacity to 45%. 6, we have to make wrinkles more detail on the neckline.Draw a long drop shape.Copy and paste several times, and then the hand is manually rotated to fit the shape of each anchor collar.To group them. 7, now painted hair.Hair consists of two parts; the back of the neck and the skirt portion, the front bangs. 8, now we have to start drawing the facial details. Draw a shape as wings eyes, and draw the white of the eye.Elliptical tool to draw several rounds as the iris, the pupil and reflex.Use a dark gray interior painting eye shadow to make it more solid, the use of bright flesh-colored eyeliner.Select the entire eye and amplification, so that it has the effect of big eyes cartoon.Copy and paste the symmetrical placement of the second eye. 9, a new eyebrows.Copy and paste the symmetry.The eyebrow bangs on the back layer in order to obtain better results. 10, we continue to draw the details as long as we draw a half-crescent-shaped, can be used as a nose.This shape into the position shown, can be used as a reference to do before the underlay. 11, painting on lips.Just draw a line as a lower lip.We had to use under the lower lips painted bright flesh-colored nose is used as a shadow. 12, let us return the hair again.Use eyedropper to select a hair color, then color in the color wheel to adjust a little deeper.Add shadows to make hair look fuller, if necessary can also adjust the opacity.Add a layer to draw hair in the hair beneath the shadow of the face, nose before using the same shadow color. final effect:

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