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PS + AI Tutorial!Teach you to draw ultra-cool Iron Man mask!Design Tutorial




  Editor''s Note: Recently, special Iron Man fan, palms open, look Teng pounced day, posture simply awesome.Iron Man 4 before release, to share a tutorial to teach students to draw realistic Iron Man mask, tutorials focus is to draw ideas, but even if the students are not familiar with the software, but also very practical ideas light Yo!Choose a day as collision, right up to school today!

  In this tutorial, I''ll show you how to use Illustrator and Photoshop to create the Iron Man mask (actually the pen tool in Photoshop can be used to complete the work in Illustrator).Probably not very detailed tutorial, because I just want you to know something about the procedure, interested in children''s shoes can continue in-depth research, I think this is the best way to learn.

  Creative: threaded metal material

  http: // / s / D2h50lqDO8hAd

  step 1:

  Open a new Illustrator document, first of all we should have a good reference, created in the middle of a circle and a line.We can now only create half, and sketched out a rough outline with the Pen tool.

  PS+AI教程!教你绘制超酷炫的钢铁侠面具! Step 2:

  The masks are created each part into a single shape, which will help us later in coloring and filling texture in Photoshop.

  PS+AI教程!教你绘制超酷炫的钢铁侠面具! PS+AI教程!教你绘制超酷炫的钢铁侠面具! PS+AI教程!教你绘制超酷炫的钢铁侠面具! Step 3:

  After all shapes are created, it is a gray filled with different brightness, as if to look at everything with imagination.

  PS+AI教程!教你绘制超酷炫的钢铁侠面具! Step 4:

  We will create a copy of a good half mask, symmetrical to the left.

  PS+AI教程!教你绘制超酷炫的钢铁侠面具! Step 5:

  Each part of the mask in the Photoshop are pasted as a separate layer, and fill color.Iron Man is the basic color of gold and purple.As shown in the image continues to add some shadows and subtle details.

  PS+AI教程!教你绘制超酷炫的钢铁侠面具! Step 6:

  Every part of the top to add a layer mask are set to clipping mask (Create Clipping Layer> Mask), each blank layer are filled with black, the layer blending mode to Color Dodge.Choose a very soft white brush opacity select 10-20% and start drawing a highlight in some areas.

  PS+AI教程!教你绘制超酷炫的钢铁侠面具! Step 7:

  Repeat the previous step of the operation, but this was changed to a mixed color pattern layer, a high draw more light on the layer.

  PS+AI教程!教你绘制超酷炫的钢铁侠面具! Next 12 === === tutorial material prompted to open ps, follow the tutorial to do it again, do renderings can: submit jobs.Tutorials have not read where you can post questions to the forum: ps help

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