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PS + AI Tutorial!Taught you how to build a low polygon galaxy poster design tutorials



  Editor''s note: Mastering the hottest design trends!Today''s tutorial inspiration from polygons and unconventional, the author skillfully to show up galaxy style, fashion sense and sense of technology, skills, the effect of the process is not difficult, but also attach quick draw skills starry background, especially for novices to practice Yo!


  Brushes, textures, and even the appearance of variegated Photoshop filters can make the galaxy, but I think not enough.It may not direct enough, and very difficult to use any kind of shape it will be able to fully express.So, we have drawn galaxies seem to have just the concept of the galaxy.This tutorial will teach you with AI and PS galaxy to create a poster, of course, if you do a background with stars would be too dull.This time, let''s try to use low polygon modeling for the galaxy.

  Tutorial final PSD: https: // / cxYAjwNhhrgsb access password f2db

   First, the shape of the galaxy

  1, open AI, create a new document of any size.Of course, the vector size is less important.Here, I created a 800px * 800px, I would like to remind you, if you want to draw a very fine line galaxies (line less than 1pt), then, in the new document, please, do not check "the new object pixel Snap to grid ".Because, if you do not, you make a very graphic strokes may not be less than 1pt.


  2, the tool is opened polygon, a polygon greater than 8 on the side Videos.Here I draw is that 13-gon, filled with empty, black stroke 0.25pt.If the first time this type of shoes galaxy map, you can refer to my values, and so familiar with this routine again after their divergent ideas.


  3, the use of galaxies began to draw the line tool.The best on "Smart Guides" in the galaxy before painting, Smart Guides can help you identify where is the end point when drawing lines, where should be aligned, where is the intersection of two paths.Painting lines when try to keep this round will be seen as a decent three-dimensional sphere, then these lines will be able to show three-dimensional graphics to a low polygons.In this process, maintaining the three-dimensional vision is very important.


  4, the intermediate line cleared for the next character to be prepared to leave the position of the symbol.According to the shape you want to increase the identification and selection of the line to be deleted.Next, on the use of tools on each of the elliptical line and the intersection of the line drawing a small solid circle, solid circle filled with black.


  5, I draw on in this galaxy Ituri is a "F", this is my personal website where a letter, I use it as my personal identification.


  In this way, we will complete the modeling concept for this galaxy.

  Second, poster making

  1. Open PS, a new document of 1000px * 1400px.Here, my poster is limited to use on the network, there is no need to print size.Draw a perfect circle on a solid black 530px will just AI in the galaxy document open in PS.Layers of galaxies using the "Color Overlay" blending options, will change color as white.


  2. At this time, we have seen this black solid circle background, similar to the night sky.

  What we want to increase the night sky starry sky do?Some say that children''s shoes can add a picture and then reduce the transparency of the stars and other ways to increase the effect of the stars.There are children''s shoes also mentioned brush the stars, texture.

  Here, I am here to teach you a very simple way of doing a regular starry sky black night sky.Increases above a black solid circle new layer, the layer filled with black, and then go to Filter> Noise> Add Noise, in an amount of 15%, with reference to the setting parameters can be set in FIG..Then go to Image> Adjustments> Levels (ctrl + L) move the slider such that the layer becomes mottled, leaving only a few bright stars comparative effect of point.


  The step of setting the layer made solid circle template shearing effect is as follows:


  3, in order to make some more changes in the night sky background, I add some gradient to make it look more attractive in this.

  Create a new layer, select the "Gradient tool", choose "Photo-tone" in the "iron cobalt color 3".Then Gradient tool alignment filled circles drawn from top to bottom a linear gradient.The gradient layer settings as filled circles clipping masks.Mixed mode to "Linear Dodge" transparency reduced to 70%.

  In doing so, making a black background showing a "dark night has just struck, the last vestiges of sunlight faded," the sky color.Simulated natural color gradient, is best used in here.Of course, you can also find other more beautiful color in the gradient library.We can also add other posters elements, such as a line of text, a URL.


  The final effect after posters do, here I am using a solid color background.


  Learned this tutorial, we mastered the new method has produced a galaxy.In addition to the galaxy can show a sense of mystery, but also showed a sense of technology.When practical application, with the color of nature''s most deeply moving, while the use of scientific and technological sense of color try to keep a low profile.In the production line must be kept neat and fine sense of line, so lines, pixels or more profound sense if you are using will be reduced 1px.Try out the true knowledge, we still have to experience it once.

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