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PS + AI quickly turn the photo comic examples



  On the idea of making cartoons rather special.First, people find a creative image appropriately adjusted (to adjust the local size and angle, and treated with an appropriate tool or the like liquefied) in PS, made of simple bulk effect.Then draw freehand or the effects of AI in the PS.

  final effect


  1. Open your own photos in Photoshop.We will use as an example image.First, use the Lasso tool to select the head.



  2, right click Free Transform.Then adjust the size of the head, making it larger than the body.You can also put a little smaller body.We have to draw a cartoon, so the more exaggerated the better.


  3, after all the exaggerated image of the setup is complete, paste the image into Illustrator,.You can use your reference image as the guide surface of FIG, or merely to be acquainted.In this case, we use it to draw the basic outline of women''s.

  Using the Pen tool and draw along the head, hair, clothes and the main body.Determines that the overlapping layers to ensure that they are properly.Not perfect all right, in the production to repair just fine.


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