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Bicycle tutorial taught you to draw a cartoon style with AI



  This tutorial first glance that very simple (both graphic thing), do not find it so simple (all the details), done in retrospect not so difficult (or graphics on the thing), but learned a lot, but also exercise operation of basic tools.The feeling is quite good clatter.

  Summer is a good season to ride a bike, today we try to draw a cartoon style bicycle in AI in it.

  1. Wheel children

  STEP 1:

  We start with the basic components of the bicycle starts: wheel children.First, draw a circle with 150px * 150px ellipse tool (L), no fill color is selected, the stroke is a deep violet color, thickness is 8pt.

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  STEP 2: through the object - expansion - stroke, the circular converted into curves, we have a circular path.


  The following step is to add a shadow wheel, so it is more three-dimensional.Copy this ring and "attached to the top" twice (Control-C> Control-F> Control-F).Select the top of the circle, use the arrow keys to pan to the right, I moved 4px.(This ring can be converted into a filling stroke, it is easier to see the effect of translation).


  We select just the layer and move the layer below it, select the path finder - minus the top, so we left the crescent shape of the two, to adjust the blend mode to multiply, and adjust color, color value is H-320.8, S-24.02, B-80, so as to obtain a faint shadow.

  Other steps after this method is also used in.

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