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Aisle design theory tutorial case



  How to design the aisle?Aisle design once been neglected, with the improvement of housing conditions, more and more have a home in a specific aisle.If the aisle is not a little decoration, will make people feel monotonous and boring, so how aisle design it, then you can shape through the wall, ceiling decoration, lighting design make the aisle to become more "lean", more spacious.


  The following X group decoration network will teach you how to design the aisle, aisle more creative to make your home.

  Creative display design landscaping extra space

  If you want to feel a little more design, you can use creative paintings or photographs, it can be a simple walkway wall, as an exhibition space, but also if the budget structure, it is possible Jizhan recessed lights in the hallway ceiling or projected Tops lights, then hang up the collection of paintings on the wall of the aisle, the child''s work or family photos, originally just used to crossing the aisle to become a little gallery.

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  This design ingenuity, both to beautify the layout features, but not to waste aisle space, the budget takes, but also full control of their own, family members at the same time to be creative, you can also put this space, as emotional communication grounds!However, the need to frequently changes the show works, it will easily superficial effort, a long time may turn a blind eye, but lost this space design intent.


  Storage shelf made great use of space

  Indoor walkway too long, monotonous easily noticeable, nailed or CD rack shelves, can be used to solve the annoying problem of space!First, above or below the aisle, nailed or CD rack shelves, designer suggested that it is best not to make the entire wall are prone to oppressive; in addition, the best facilities for the woodworking better, because most commercially available bookshelf , CD rack width deeper, usually more than 30 cm, while on the walkway up too much area will affect access, it is best tailored, preferably not more than 15 cm width.


  Thus, not only can make full use of the space, while preserving the aisle can function as a storage space, serve two purposes; however, the disadvantage is tailored bookshelves and CD rack, more expensive than buying ready-made, consumers can aisle based on the home long space, and how the economic budget, decide how to build a smart and beautiful storage space.

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