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AI tutorial: teach you to draw colorful beautiful abstract roses design tutorials



  Durian headed tutorial effect today too amazing, creative ideas we focus on learning of abstract, from the roadside a small yellow flower in the end regardless of background, the colors are very rich work, carving process is very worth considering, no extra basic education, art but many skills, please have large cattle to practice hand-Yo.

  final effect:

  AI高级教程!教你绘制有型有色的抽象派玫瑰花 First, create a sketch

  step 1

  First, I use the phone to find some photos of bouquets, my favorite flower painting style.Tools used pencil, sketch stroke weight of around 0.About 1 pound.This thickness is very convenient because you can see the lines, but not too thick.No matter how many times magnified, they are not unduly distract you.

  Hey, would not you say sketch, then the opportunity to come: "non-Coban students blessed it!They taught you how to start from zero base Sketch!"


  Step 2

  I''m sure the screen size, tick approximate composition structure.Unlike other portions of the lines, I outline a separate sub-bloom, because later need to be processed.

  AI高级教程!教你绘制有型有色的抽象派玫瑰花 BACKGROUND AND highlights

  step 1

  When deciding background, it is best to take two kinds of needs a little darker than in AI, the use of light-colored or light-colored shadow easier than adding to draw focus.Otherwise, the screen will lack depth and bright colors.


  Step 2

  To highlight the color profile, I was through the use of a radial gradient.It may be a combination of a plurality of colors and always a transparent edge (opacity: 0%).In the middle area, I set the opacity to: 50-60%.The provision of the transparent edges, the color will gradually integrate into the background.AI in a radial gradient is more convenient than the built-in effects of PS (Effect> photo effects> blurred).


  Step 3

  Use shade of yellow roses stressed.The middle of the rose is the brightest one, I made the center a little bit, because this is the most contrasting shadows and bright petals.Gradient> Opacity: 58%, transparency> glare.


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