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AI Tutorial: Draw beautiful roses



  illustrator Tutorial: Draw beautiful roses

  Renderings: Illustrator教程:绘制漂亮的玫瑰花   三联

  The main tools are as follows: Pen Tool, Gradient Mesh Tool, Blend Tool, Gradient Fill Tool, Transparency, Drop Shadow etc..

  Drawing a blueprint you can sketch obtained from reality, can also be obtained from the photo, in short, your mind must have a draft of your pre-show of light, color and sketch things should also be aware of.In this way AI, you good distribution layer, lay the auxiliary lines, you can DIY painting.Layers reasonable division of the objects you draw a principled, necessary auxiliary line so that you targeted in the drawing process.I distribution layers, and the auxiliary line diagram is as follows:

  Illustrator教程:绘制漂亮的玫瑰花 Illustrator教程:绘制漂亮的玫瑰花

  Branches drawing:

  Pen tool, draw an auxiliary line according to the main branches, the branches of the outer contour i.e. its morphology, it is as far as possible consistent with the law of natural growth is drawn, color selection: 37,179,0.Shape drawn on it and the colors to be mixed, the color values: 37,202,0.Conventional shapes such as rectangles, circles, etc. can be achieved using a gradient good realistic effects, if such as irregular shape branches, its sketch using color mixing performance will be better, when the gradient tool has been unable to take office, the "gradual blending worth "the reason this is it.FIG mixing means using the following comparison:


  After you press the W key, and then click to select the object you want to mix the two, I usually first select two objects, then use Ctrl + Alt + B shortcut.You can see from the figure after the color has been mixed with a sense of perspective in the branches, which together give the better highlight areas, color values: 40,217,0.As shown below:


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