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AI Tutorial!They taught you how to draw the naive creek valley vector design tutorials




  Used to seeing subtle highlights and shadow transition vector drawing stereotyped, today we learn how to apply textures create texture vector awesome landscapes, including clouds, plants, mountains, valleys and rivers of hand painting method.After mastered the method, to turn into the character drawing vector drawing is completely no problem, definitely worth learning >>>

  final effect:


  Packaging material microdisk download http: // / cFBH9EsB2JB59 access code 4323


  You can find a good look for landscape photos you want to copy, or mind have the right blueprint.Open AI, a new document of 1200px * 1000px.Use the rectangle tool, draw a rectangle the same size and documents.This is a "bottoming" process, that is, give background on this map layer, or call background.The stroke of this rectangle closed, filled linear gradient.Gradient color transition from blue to light blue.Specific color values refer to the diagram.


  Gradient tool found in the left side of the tool bar, the direction change lever gradient tool, adjust the direction shown below.


  This is the most common way of drawing the blue sky, that is, the use of gradient color to represent the sky blue uniform transition.

  Draw clouds

  Let us increase the clouds to the sky.You''d better use hand-painted plates, draw lines would be more smooth and natural, of course, nothing wrong with the mouse.

  First, use the pencil tool on the left toolbar, double-click the icon of a pencil tool, Pencil tool options panel will pop up, set in the panel.You can refer to my settings.Fidelity slider which will adjust as you will have different fidelity and smooth biased during drawing.Due to the nature of hand-painted, usually drawn lines are not smooth enough, so the software on this basis, to help you added smoothness, but if you draw features presented does not require smooth, then it is as close to Fidelity.


  Keep the white fill, black stroke, draw the first one cloud.Look into the panel, will draw a good stroke to turn off clouds of white filling instead Gradient Hatch.Gradient transition from white to pale blue, and the gradient angle of -90 degrees to.


  Then draw on other clouds, clouds as far as possible to each piece hand-painted, do not use copy and paste way.Each draw a good one clouds, accordingly adjust the angle of the gradient.Imagine the light is irradiated from the clouds down, and therefore have different clouds different positions of the shadows and highlights.Let these clouds covering almost half of the canvas.

  fw201503126 Into background texture

  After entering the [File> placement], we have to open the downloaded three texture 1 texture, geometric texture 1 wide stretch to the size of the canvas and so on, then click the Properties tool bar "placed" button.Select the texture after implantation.Open the transparency panel, the panel in the mixed layer to "overlay", the transparency to 60%.

  fw201503127 Mountains and valleys of painting

  After a good draw clouds, we continue to draw down.Next to painting is mountain ranges.Mountains painting abstract way as far as possible, will not go into the details, just draw a rough outline, follow the basic principles of perspective, vanishing point placed on the right position.Color value is set to # 6D5E25.


  Draw up the hill below the bottom of a canyon, the canyon is light in color than the color of the mountains in the distance, I set this setting to # 8A7A3F.The graphics should be placed on the top step drawn graphics.


  The edge of the canyon is deeper color, view exhibits canyon heights.My color value is set to # 4C3B21.This graph needs to be placed below the canyon.


  Let me add a deeper shadow over the canyon edge, these shadows are distributed in blocks of color above the gorge of the canyon but is below the surface.


  Then the ground color in the mountains and canyons of the final step set of graphic art.Placed in the bottom.


  All these step-drawn graphics (mountains + Canyon + ground) select all, copy (Ctrl + C) and then paste it into the front (Ctrl + F).While copying the selected layer, use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + Shift + F9 to open the PathFinder, click the "union" in PathFinder, the mode shape that is left from the first icon.


  Before we talk about the manner of placement of texture, texture again into 3.Scaling size of the texture pattern and mountains and valleys of the pattern is roughly equivalent to the size of.Then the upper layer moves to the surface pattern copy, and select and copy the texture pattern into the [Object> clipping masks>] established, then, and then change the blend mode to the clipping mask, to overlay.Results as shown below.


  In the operating side, one side trying to understand what is clipping masks.As the name suggests, is above and below the mask pattern as a graphic from the combination of new graphics, new graphics inherited the shape on top of graphics, also have attributes characteristic graph below (such as color, texture, etc.), you can say it is an inherited type of graphics.It will be frequently used during the creation of a texture pattern.When we draw graphics, as long as we want to take the shape of the pattern, and then superimposed on the texture, we will be able to show any picture has emerged of the characteristics of texture.

  River painting

  You can create a new layer, draw in the middle of a river canyon.River using three different blue, rich visual depth.


  Mountains and valleys and then using the texture of the same portion prior to the step of superimposing, a pattern transfer river, into the texture 2, and then affixed to the top of the replication layer, with a texture to create a clipping mask.Change clipping masks to overlay Mixed Mode.

  fw2015031216 Painting plants

  Here the plants we use to represent abstract circle, drawing method previously spoken Luetong.The only difference is that, when we draw a good and copy it several independent round after round into a compound path you want to copy, then to enter the [Object> Compound Path>] established, then further set the texture.Here, only a few of the closed circular clipping mask must be formed in a composite manner with the texture path.Then composite masks to overlay blending mode, the transparency to 50%.Draw results are as follows.

  fw2015031217 To map a border

  Now that we have completed the entire graphics and textures, it looks pretty good?It would create a border for the chart.Here, I use a rounded rectangle to add borders to images.

  First, we in the Layers panel, his painted layers into one layer.Then use the Rounded Rectangle tool to draw their favorite shapes.Rounded rectangle can close stroke and fill.Select the merged layer on top of the Layers panel, click the right mouse button and select "build clipping masks".Yes, we use the principle of clipping masks, and remember?The final output results are as follows.


  Vector entire landscape to draw well, do not say I did not warn you, you can download the source document Oh EPS: microdisk download http: // / cFBHXzS5XQT59 access password eff2

  Mastered drawing method, you can use the Internet in the creation of thousands of material.You can use other textures can also be painted figures like, it does not matter.

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