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AI Tutorial!Taught you how to draw pop art style portrait Basic Course




  Pop art reached its peak in the mid-1950s the United States, also known as pop art, pop art.Under the influence of this art style, as a source of inspiration, you can create a portrait of the trip from the city, will draw portraits turn into pop style illustration, on this basis, come to create novel and unique pop style posters, illustrations and even packaging design, cover design and other graphic works.

  Pope winds biggest feature is the bold bright colors, and make good use of contrast.Sometimes choose the texture pattern as dots and other embellishment.

  Today, we want to learn is to draw pop art style portrait use AI.We will use the dot pattern superimposed artistic brushes and other creative ways.

  First, copy the profile portrait

  Open the AI, the New Document.No strict rules for document size.If you are a beginner, you can try and My Documents consistent in size, refer to the diagram, in order to take over the various parameter values can refer me to be set.


  Beginners should understand that, for various parameter values in the software will size as the document itself is drawn and you change, you have to based on actual demand, the parameters of each tool in the Control Panel debugging, look for the best results on their own.

  Next, you want to copy the portrait dragged into a document, embedded images will reduce transparency, its purpose is to make the next copy lines clearly visible.Then it locks the panel in the Layers.You should create a new layer draw.

  Find a good angle and composition to his own portrait to be drawn.So as not to draw to come halfway adjustment.


  Close filling opening stroke, the stroke is set to a size, any color, preferably easily recognizable color selection.The original copy of the portrait of the main profile.Details can be ignored, but must take portraits sketched out the characteristics.

   Second, coloring

  As mentioned earlier, pop style features bold use of color to bright Kyo.Experienced designers will then set their own good at the beginning of the corresponding color palette.

  Let''s open the Swatches panel, create a new color group.


  The color scheme of the color groups, for coloring is drawn portrait.In the process of coloring, continue to use the direct selection tool, repair imperfect details.Maintaining coordination of visual color when.Try to use high color saturation, so get some visual impact.

   Third, the increased dot pattern

  Dot pattern adds texture portrait.Not necessarily to the entire pattern on the cover portrait, it would seem a bit rough, a little bit delicate approach is found to increase the portion of the pattern, and then select the part of the increase in the appearance of a new pattern filled.

  For example, I am here for the first increase dot pattern background.Select the background rectangle, into the Appearance panel.In the lower left panel, click Add a new coloring.Then click in the box fill the small down arrow appears swatches, if you do not find the dot pattern, then you need to click on the icon in the upper right corner, [Open Swatch Library> pattern> Basic Graphics> Basic Graphics point ], select the appropriate dot pattern you think.In this example, I chose 10 dpi 30% dot pattern, and that the relevant document size setting I.


  Dot looks too dark, it seems a bit overwhelming.Let us enter the transparency panel, the pattern to overlay.Of course, you want to make sure that in the appearance of the panel is filled with a dot pattern.In the same way, I will have the whole picture with a lot of decorative patterns.Of course, some places I let the screen intact, such as the character''s skin.

   Fourth, Brushes artistic stereotypes

  Drawn to outline contour shape of the object, the object can be depicted highlight features, you can add a sense of volume of the object.Here we will use art brushes.There are many kinds of default Art Brush in the AI, but this time I hope I can make your own hands brush.This step is very simple.

  Draw a circle, and then use the anchor tool, click on the two anchor points corresponding to the circular fusiform.

  Drag the shape to the Brushes panel, then it will pop up a new brush options box where you select the Art Brush.

  Art brushes set parameters can be kept as default.


  He began to outline some of the details and figures drawn with a brush.You can create a new layer, and then close on a fill layer.Reference artwork adds details.Art Brush lines do not have to close to the edge of the original, so that the entire screen is natural, smooth and put pen to paper, highlighting the natural hand-drawn style.


  Then you can according to their needs, by creating clipping masks portrait made into the shape you want.Clipping masks specific production methods, can refer to my tutorial "ai tutorial!They taught you how to draw vector creek valley naive "at the end there Comments.



  Pop style portrait used in the production of alternative advertising posters are very attractive.Designers should consider how to effectively choose the appropriate color.Of course, you can also put the image details become more rich and delicate, to increase horsepower imagination.

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