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AI Tutorial!Taught you how to draw a fresh set of simple icons micro tutorial examples



  Today, this group of unified style icons difficulty is not high, the authors deliberately picked two icons above normal operating skills, and accompanied by two classic cases of artifact (packaged), the novice can exercise absolute rose a wave of knowledge, direct start cough.


  All the tools used in the tutorial: Pathfinder panel, selection tool (V), direct selection tool (A), add and delete anchor (+, -), the object> Road King> Road King offset, conversion operation, appearance panel,

  AI Fillet tool (xtream path) http: // / cFAzQwuNSHUVK access password a85e

  RoundAnyCorner.http: // / cFAzHtJekuCdq access password a582

  I am a quick key, shortcut keys can be found, the mouse will not move or two.But now it is not immediately necessary to remember all of those who remember what used, the use of a few very natural.So while writing steps will put shortcuts, find useful to give it a try.

  The initial setting, simplification

  New document (Ctrl + N), the size of random, this is 700 * 700px, RGB, resolution 72, a new object is not aligned with the pixel grid check.


  The following grid lines, grid lines is very useful for primary and AI veterans things, the need to pay attention to the size and proportion where a lot easier, but also eliminates the trouble of adding auxiliary line.

  Edit> Preferences> Guides and the grid, set the following.Mesh size depending on the design requirements set.

  View> Show Grid, Snap to Grid.These are set up will greatly simplify the work.


  Before designing a good first set roughly norm, this area was a beginner, do not, on her own, have experienced can teach Ha message.

  This is a general preset map.80 full circle radius occupied by just five 32px grid.Total basic pattern element size (unit: px), rectangular oval width: 20,40,70. Length: 60, 80. Stroke Size: 2,4,6 fillet: 2,4,6

  All graphics are based on the size of the graphics frame.


  2. Set this setting Well, here began the first icon bar.


  Now, the first small icons are from the beginning of rectangles and lines composition.There are specific proportion put their own problems adjusting.Simply under the icon used to do this crucial step.

  First switching means shortcuts used: Selection Tool (V), direct selection tool (A), the rectangle tool (M), ellipse tool (L), Xtream path rounded rectangle tool, RoundAnyCorner (microdisks before downloading)

  A: rectangular, circular alignment


  About alignment problems: in the upper right corner of the panel may be aligned with selected display options, the options will appear as shown in FIG, align the selected objects, align the key subject alignment Artboards.To make the value of the specified interval of several objects, using sub-grid spacing function.


  tips: When you want to align the two objects, one of which want to align the object as a reference select two objects selected together, left-click again to select the reference object alignment, it.

  B: filleted


  Xtream path most commonly used in this plug straight edge will turn semi-rounded, rounded tool.Very simple to use, it is not presented.


  As for the anchor shown in the drawing, at right angles to the side of the curve while a bit harder to engage.Its rounded features and Xtreampath not be properly achieved with AI, at least I do not have the perfect way to discover.Here is another tool RoundAnyCorner (outer Cock wire, powerful ~), for any angle of the curve can be ~ ~ awesome


  Choose another script pop-up window, find the location of RoundAnyCorner open it (Ctrl + F12)


  Simple input value on it.


  For straight turn the fillet, directly in the Appearance panel> Stroke, click Stroke Options pop-up box rounded end point selection is OK.


  Linear transfer curve, direct selection tool (A), the selected curve to convert anchor click button image above.If you want to adjust the curvature of the handle side of the curved anchor hold down Alt, resize handle.


  Question: But when we do narrow the icon will appear on the left above icon appearance, not with the size of the stroke setting automatic scaling and zooming.


  method 1


  Straight line segment or the extended objects

  Method 2


  In Edit> Preferences> General, stroke and zoom effect option is selected.

  3. The second and third icon precautions one method will not be repeated, is introduced above usage.Here to talk the fourth icon.


  The picture shows the weak initial composition contrast icon.The following decomposition talk.Useful in the same way as the place is not wordy.


  Linear variable semicircular top, bottom two lower anchor moves eight pixels of each rectangle towards the center.


  Find selected object in the path selection panel joint


  Select the need becomes rounded bottom four rectangular points, using tools made RoundAnyCorner fillet 2 pixels.


  The following outline producing a liquid bottle with the bottle.Select the object Object> Path> Offset Path (This feature is a copy of the original object and then shift the path, that there will be new Road King out) set the offset -4px


  Original fillet after the offset path will become a right angle, into fillet need to reselect.


  Delete anchor the top of the semicircle to a straight line change.Down 10 pixels.


  Production of liquid waves.A pixel using the oval 10 shown in FIG., Path and find the path is merged.


  Then draw a pixel ellipse 10, select the path finder subtracting the front panel.


  Trimming path.


  Below that method of drawing water droplets.


  The elliptical anchor vertices into a right angle


  Select the top anchor, move the pixel shown in FIG..


  Adjust the top of the handle anchor becomes smooth.Try left pick middle anchor is an upper handle over the natural.

  The rest are used before skill no longer long-winded.

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