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AI Tutorial!Taught you how to create complex beauty of the mandala pattern design tutorials




  final effect:


  Direct started slightly.


  First create a new AI file, select the polygon tool and then click on the drawing board, to fill the number of sides in the polygon dialog box that appears, the more the number of sides, the final pattern is more fine. Enter the number of sides 12, and set a radius of about 100mm.


  Open Smart Guides (CMD + U), and then connect each polygon vertex with the line tool, the vertices determined using the green reference line.


  Select all objects, then click Pathfinder - dividing the polygon into triangles 12.


  Right - ungroup the graphic into 12 sections.


  Leaving a triangle and delete the other, and then click New symbols will be added to this graphic symbol window.


  View Click - profile, select the rotary tool, and then hold down the ALT key while clicking the vertices of the triangle, the rotary input window 30 ° (360 ° ÷ (number of edges) 12 = 30 °), Click Copy.


  Back to the preview mode (View - Preview), and then to generate an additional 11 with triangle symbols shortcut CMD + D converted again to obtain the original polygonal shape.


  Double-click to edit the first triangle symbol, then pop up a warning window provides a functional description of this: a symbol for any edits made will be applied to all instances of it, that is to say, we are simply a symbol create a pattern, then it will be copied to all the symbols form a complete pattern.


  Removing the triangle stroke, and then locking to prevent it being moved accidentally.Pull the center of a reference line passing through the pattern.


  Provided a black rounded style 2pt stroke, and then use the line tool and tool half arcuate region to draw a pattern between the contour lines and the reference symbols.The reference line is determined by intelligent endpoints lines and arcs are aligned on the reference line or contour line vertices.


  The dotted line can add interesting effects to design.Select the dotted line in the Stroke Options, and then fill in the dotted line 0pt, a gap of about 4pt.


  When the tool with a curved inverted F to hold the arcuate direction, drawn from a different point of the arc can be increased interesting effects.Add substantially elliptical circular tool where the vacant.


  Continue to use the random pattern to fill half of this symbol.Although filled with patterns and colors can enhance the effect of the final design, but use only one stroke can achieve a thickness of intricate henna art style.


  Select all the paths then copy and paste.After grouping the graphic object is copied and click - Transformation - symmetric and vertical select.


  Drag the picture file after copying it to fill in the other half of the symbols, to ensure a perfect end thereof connected to the intermediate reference line.


  Arrow upper left corner of the window click on the file, exit symbol editing mode.Other examples of the symbol will automatically copy the symbol immediately and complete the entire design.


  If you need to edit or fine-tune your design, you can double-click on the symbol and then back to edit mode.The end result after grouping after deleting copy and modify the original path, symmetrical re-use the original method, the last to exit edit mode you can see the changes.


  See some simple lines can be combined into such a beautiful pattern is very exciting.When the pattern is viewed as a whole, it is difficult to distinguish the original path.


  The end result is a seemingly spent several tedious hours to paint the beautiful and intricate mandala pattern Henna style, because we use the symbol function Illustrator, we only need to draw lines to make up a few random a small part just fine.

  adobe illustrator

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