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AI Tutorial!He taught you how to draw an elegant retro Dreamcatcher tutorial examples



  Today''s tutorial effect, though complicated, but definitely worth the exercise.Tutorial brush pattern material are drawn hands personally, can learn a lot of operating skills, try slightly.

  Step 1

  First we need to create a feather brush.First, using the tool to draw the ellipse ellipse, and then direct selection tool, the top and bottom of the selected anchor, as shown in FIG movement, to create a flat edge.Then select more anchors, making them closer to the center.


  Step 2

  Select Object> Deformation> rotation, rotated by 90 degrees.Copy this shape three times.To take advantage of these three different graphics make three kinds of feather brushes, increased variability point.Using the line tool, draw a straight line along the central axis.Select all triangles composite tool path (ctrl + 8).After selection and composite elliptical path, using the path finder> subtracting the front.


  Repeat the above steps to add the remaining two copies of the elliptical boundary of feathers, feather the axis position as a reference point to the triangle feather.Hiding axis.


  Step 3

  Feathers do replicated three, adjust the remaining two shades of.Are: dark tone, the tone, light tone.


  Using the alignment tool panel, three shades shape centered.Bright at the bottom, the middle tone is dark, the tone is above.


  Step 4

  Using the free-form deformation tool (E) reduction of the size of three notes.Then with a respective set of vertically aligned center, aligned with the top of the harmonic light tone.


  Use the free transform tool to stretch the bottom boundary bright tone graphics, higher than the dark tone.


  Step 5

  In order to make the feathers a little more stylized, you can add some right-angle boundaries for him.Select All (Ctrl + A), Object> Path> simplified, the value input dialog shown in FIG..Width setting angle is zero degrees determined.


  Step 6

  The combination of feathers each group (Ctrl + G), replication.Open Path> Combine, create a whole shape for each group.


  Step 7

  Prior to display an axis reservoirs, placed topmost.Lock three groups shape.


  Pathfinder> aliquots (Divide) contour as a whole will be split into two


  Feather profile provided with mixing mode> color, the other side of the mixed mode> Multiply.Twice transparency are set at 50%.


  Step 8

  Use the line tool in the middle of a feather, draw a straight line.FIG appearance panel settings value, copying the straight line, the stroke is reduced to 5pt.Mixed mode change color, opacity 50%.The combination of these elements.


  Step 9

  Select Create a set of feathers brush, brush click on the panel.In the pop-up window, select the art brush, is provided as shown below.Repeat the above setting for the remaining two feather.


  Step 10

  Next, create circumferential spiral brush.Create a short horizontal line using the line tool.Use the Selection tool pressed the alt key copied straight line, then Ctrl + D repeat the action until you have a bunch of short straight lines.2pt set the stroke in the stroke panel, two circular end provided.


  Step 11

  Freeform tools used to adjust some of the length of the segment, and then a fine adjustment of adjustment color.Some bright spots, some dark spots.


  A copy of the line segments, changing the size 1pt stroke, set the blending mode color, opacity 70%.


  Step 12

  The combination of these segments, rotated 90 degrees.Then create a new brush.The following arrangement shown in FIG..


  Step 13

  Now we need to create a dream catcher above beads.First draw a circle.Direct selection tool to choose the top and bottom anchor points to anchor the center point.Flattening a circle shown in FIG..


  Step 14

  Copy twice this graphic.Using a free-form deformation tool to create a small thin oval.A large pattern set to 0% opacity, and placed under a small pattern, small graphic opacity to 100%.Select two graphics, using mixing means (Ctrl + Alt + B) Procedure 10.Blend mode to Screen.


  Step 15

  Copy overall outline of a bead, is provided as shown using the appearance of the beads to create the shadow.


  Step 16

  Copy the bead profile again, set the blending mode: color, opacity 100%, which will help you adjust any color you want beads.


  Step 17

  So now you can create a dream catcher.Use tools to create a series of round round.A large circle, create some small circle below it.

  Once complete, the threads on the application of the brush just created.


  Step 18

  Use the line tool, a straight line along the central value of the small circle drawn using these straight lines as the placement of the reference ball.


  Add some decorative beads so late in the ring


  Step 19

  Now make some spiral braiding pattern in the center of the donut.Track boundary from the central ring to draw an ellipse.

  Then direct selection tool to move the handle about the anchor.Select the top anchor, the anchor at a right angle to the selected anchor.This will create a teardrop-shaped.


  Step 20

  Keeping teardrop-shaped as selected.Effects> & twisting deformation> Deformation.We will rotate the bottom of this graphic as a starting point.Each rotation of 30 degrees, a total of 12, a subtracting the original needs to be copied parts 11, as shown below:


  A copy of the spiral drop and resize for each ring.


  Step 21

  I want to add helical thread drop, but they are too intertwined.May be modified such that all of the selected effect thread> twisted and deformed> & wrinkling expansion.There will be created at right angles to the edge of the water droplets.


  If you''ve got the right angle of water droplets, the direct selection tool to move the anchor point, so that alignment between the points.


  Step 22

  Used in the art brush thread droplets, small round down to the need to stroke 0.25pt.


  Use the line tool is then used to connect the descending from the ring, the same pair of straight application brushes Art.


  Step 23

  Use a brush to create feather, feathers, small feathers on the big on the great circle, small garden.


  If you are not satisfied for the color of feathers.Double-click the feather brush can adjust the color.


  Step 24

  Use the line tool connected to the feather and beads.


  Then at the top of the feathers to add beads.


  Step 25

  Copy some beads, they will be placed in a regular spiral drop online.


  Step 26

  If the final result is still not satisfied.You can select all the elements to recolor.


  I will light blue / green into a brown make him look more natural.Click OK to complete it.


  Now Dreamcatcher be completed.

   adobe illustrator

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