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{} Illustrator graphic design taught you draw Meng Meng Q version pyridazin font tutorial with illustrator



  Design work and can not avoid dealing with fonts, but sometimes they need a something special, at least not so stereotyped shape to the shape of the performance of the theme to convey brand image.Font design basis BUT there is not per person, so not necessarily have enough time to re-define a shape, so attached to existing fonts, on this basis up to adjust modified to achieve the desired effect, is also a good choice.In the following months to do Q version of the font deformation process to share with you right when the master table of a jade brick, typography road throwing stones too, people are weak woman bear friends ~ ~ ~ ha ha ha

  First, determine the font style to find

  Received a demand to see what it is the content of the subject, such as "Water Margin Q Biography" of this game is its overall tone candy, rainbow, style is Q Meng.Then we went to several first Q version of the font as a basic shape.


  Now a selection of fonts for example.AI opened a new canvas, enter the following text.


  Second, the significant features of radical change

  Select the text CRTL + SHIFT + O will create a text outline, CRTL + SHIFT + G Ungroup so that each word as a separate entity.


  Identify areas that need adjustment point, the font can be radical or refine a certain point in a unified form of representation.Because of the word more orderly system, decided to write-in font \ point of unification with the circles represent large folding hook with a curved hook arc, said tension and make it more interesting.


  Use the Direct Selection tool or delete anchor point tool, trim \ remove the extra part, as follows:


  Elliptical integrity tool a circle (circle SHIFT key can be pressed to draw a perfect circle oh ~), which was adjusted to the font radical position, holding the font.


  Draw a circle with the Add Anchor Point tool to add two anchors, select one of the anchors with the direct selection tool, press the Delete key to delete anchor points.


  Setting the thickness of the stroke in the stroke value of the panel according to the actual situation, and press the rounded end cap option remains smooth shape.


  Will draw a good arc to move to adjust the font.


  Draw a circle and set the appropriate value of the stroke, with line segments tool (by pressing the SHIFT can draw a straight line, like students learn techniques similar to preferably provided Webso 120 Photoshop yo tricks), the line is provided in the panel Stroke thickness value, press the rounded end option remains smoothly shaped end.Using a straight line aligned with the circular work center alignment, pressing CTRL + G key circle with a straight set of compiled.


  Just draw a good move to fonts to graphics


  Third, adjust the details add rhythm

  Has been substantially completed to stop the deformation fonts, fonts with respect to the original inherently more reactive some.Next, adjust the font size, angle, etc. according to the actual word meaning focus, etc., to make it more rhythm.


  Fourth, the results page


  ai tutorial

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