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[Illustrator] taught you how to draw graphic design Bohemian style texture design tutorials



  First, create a scatter brush

  First of all, we want to create a scatter brush.Had also mentioned, paisley patterns mainly composed of circles and curves, then we will use this as a round brush to create scatter the basic style.

  In the new AI in a size of 800 * 600px document, a circular painting on 10 10px.Circular black fill, remove the stroke.


  Select the black circles, open panel brush tool, a new brush scatter in the panel.


  Scatter brush options panel set to the default value, renamed paisley1, to adjust the coloring process, "hue", relative rotation the "path" and click OK.Option here is to adjust the settings for style elements scatter brush.


  Click OK after the first scatter brush finished.Select the scatter brush on the canvas with a brush tool you will be able to outline the desired pattern.Set stroke color can change the color of the corresponding.


  After the first attempt to create a scatter brush process, we then do a second scatter brush, making it very simple, using the same circular pattern, but this time we use a hollow shape.

  Draw a circle of 10 * 10px.Circular black stroke, Stroke 1px size, remove the filling.According to the above steps to create and then scatter brush renamed paisley2, scatter Brush panel provided with the same solid circles.



  After learning the most simple to create a scatter brush, let us look a little bit difficult to challenge the Scatter Brush.Let us draw a hollow oval 10 * 5px, and then draw a solid which is slightly smaller than the elliptical, the oval two merged into a pattern, then the pattern is copied thereon, and rotation inverted vertically below.


  Brush scatter into the new panel is provided, the corresponding set value thereof.The other part of the step above, only the pitch becomes 30%.Its reason is simple, our basic pattern is a rectangular pattern, which in the long run is much greater than its width, these patterns are required when setting up the pitch, to shorten the distance to make it happen densely arranged.



  Second, toning

  Former creative pattern making, please remember to choose color swatches.If there''s palette in the creative process, then, is not conducive to the creation of the play itself.In the Open Swatch panel, create a color group in the panel, I chose purple as the main color in this, in addition to the green and let it complement each other, to create a brilliant effect hit the color.


  Third, to create a pattern

  Now, we create a pattern on the canvas, let us draw on the basic style pattern: a teardrop-shaped graphics.


  At this point, we begin this teardrop-shaped grain graphic appearance is set, this is a very interesting process.Appearance settings before making the next make sure you have mastered the appearance of the panel "to add a new fill" "Add New Stroke" and "replicate the look" and other basic functions.They master the essential, you can make use of these features make the patterns for various changes include color, shape, size, etc. of the graphical appearance.You can continue to modify the look, add a new look and so on.

  After the selected pattern, the appearance of the panel opening, the panel will Stroke 3px to green, and the "Align Stroke" adjusted "so that the inner alignment Stroke".


  Add a new stroke, set a new stroke in the appearance of your need to note that:

  1) Your stroke type is no longer lines, patterns but just made paislay3 scatter brush, then brush in the panel is not selected, you need to open the Brush panel Brush Click paislay3.

  2) the size and other attributes of the stroke can be opened added into the stroke attribute underlined word panel, here, to the stroke size 1.5px, just to show half scatter brush, i.e. a decorative oval drop.

  3) arranged in the stacking order concept and appearance of the various layers in the panel appearance similar to the appearance of the shutter is below the above.For example I have just set off the green 3px stroke, this stroke placed over a purple filled, and the next increase in scatter brush strokes to be placed in the lowest level, which is below the purple-filled, so that looks as if two a combined stroke.


  Let us add to this dot pattern complex patterns it, cook it and add salt, MSG and other seasonings are similar reasoning.Not an objective of the law is what must be done, but just learning to cook, as the amount of dishes with seasoning and whether it can win everyone''s appetite by you keep trying and then summed up in order to establish their own "inventory".Here, I showed my first practice, you can also adopt other ways to make your pattern.

  Add a new fill, fill color palette of pink.New padding to add a new effect, click [path> displacement path], in the Properties panel displacement path of displacement] [fill in "-15px", if the displacement value is 0, the path remains unchanged original position, when a negative value when, on the narrow path, on the contrary if it is positive, the path will expand.


  Pink padding to add a new stroke, then you can copy the old lines of 3px stroke, then stroke the pink copy is placed over the filling.Also add new effects, the displacement path for the stroke -15px.


  Add a new stroke, you can copy the old 1.paisley3 5px stroke, and the stroke placed below the copied pink filled, the stroke becomes paisley1, green color change to another.Add a new effect, the displacement path -17px.


  Do you understand the appearance of twelve to use it?Then again to continue to add new graphics and new filling stroke, filled with purple, green stroke displacement path -30px.


  Next, let''s add another new results for this graphics.First, copy the step of filling the appearance of purple, and then replicate the appearance of the filling to green, enter add new effects, stylized [>] smear.Set in the spread option.At this point, you and I may be provided, it is unnecessary to rigidly stick to specific figures, as shown below to achieve the effect as long as the final adjustment to.


  At this time, we will do the work of paisley patterns.After selecting the graphic, click Add a new style, save it as a new style paisley.At this point, you can use this style to make thousands of patterns of patterns.


  Fourth, recolor

  Select the graphic, click recolor artwork button above the toolbar to open recolor the artwork panel.Among the various panels are provided for the new scheme colored artwork.Here, you can choose coloring in the coordination rules, for example, I selected here the synthesis of color, color pattern to follow instantly changed.


  You can also click "is defined as a set of color palette colors" to open the corresponding palette and select the appropriate coordination rules.For example, this selection I synthetic textile color, pattern color change occurs as follows.


  When you are happy with your color again, you can choose to save the pattern style, for later use.

  There are also manually change the color pattern, select "Edit" to enter the edit options will see a palette, palette lets you manually select in the color scheme of your plate palette in recolor the artwork panel color Picker and drag the slider underneath will change HSB''s value, and the pattern will soon show the results of your color.You can also be changed by moving the slider HSB.When you are confident of their ability to match colors, manual adjustment is the best choice.


  Fifth, create patterns pattern

  After you have lined up eleven color scheme, create a seamless pattern, practice seamless pattern, see the tutorial "newbie tutorial!Teach you to use AI to create exquisite seamless texture pattern. ".


  Work harder every day!Success will leave you closer.Excellent tutorial

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