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WordArt, quickly create curl word width of the tool in Illustrator



  This month we should do to move brickwork, this time I have to share a method to do curl word width strokes in Illustrator tools to quickly.Who is also a rookie, I hope we can learn together, and common progress.I hope this sharing can help get you greatly improve work results, quick to earn more money, would give birth soon as possible to the monkey girlfriend home to marry, huh!Do not open play, the production process of video address: http: // / programs / view / KobbOV4n6as /

  Look at the effect it!Since the recording time is more urgent, the word does not do well, we forbearance and tolerance, sharing is the key method!



  Open Illustrator software, enter the text you want, put a good location


  2.With the spiral tool, the number of segments is 3, any other parameters, out of the curve below, adjust the size of the path, the path selection performed in the state "Stroke" dialog properties bar last a "profile" is selected from Item One.Press "Shift + W" key combination on the keyboard to switch to the width of the tool, it may be scaled edit node of the path, can also be digital editing of double clicking.


  3.Here is what I try to do some other stuff, hoping to expand my thinking only rookie!!!


  If this tutorial to help get you, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, you are so smart, you should know how to do, huh!!!!!!

  29 tutorial network prompts you learn in this tutorial has been completed!

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