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WordArt Illustrator design skills with AI and PS melted chocolate to make font styles



  This tutorial by AI and PS making a melted chocolate style font, the process is relatively simple, suitable for any design or logo design campaign, we can use later in the design, this font make up need to have some basic AI and PS , early contact with the students will find it difficult, in particular how to make this chocolate font, the students work together to follow the tutorial to learn about.




  step 1

  The easiest way to create outstanding works is to use the existing fonts to create new fonts, and then make changes and modifications.Here, we will use the font named CAC Pinafore.

  In the new A4 Illustrator document to 150pt font input text "You Are Sweet as Sugar".The center text, which is then converted into a profile (Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + O).


  Step 2

  Perhaps surprisingly, for either a free font, CAC Pinafore can be very attractive operation.This time, we are going to change some of the letters, give them a hand-drawn look like.Use the Brush tool (B), redo highlighted in red letters, then replace the original letter with you to create letters, ensure that all connections cover.


  Step 3

  Application 4pt strokes around the text to make it look more prominent.This font type also need to look more smooth, so we add some decoration, including the expansion of the terminal two capital letters S, can better connect letters together and connected suffix at the end of each word.

  Use the brush tool to create a few quick strokes swirl, to see how they fit together.Select each of which, open brush panel (F5), and then click the Remove Brush Strokes button to adjust the path, just as they are created using the same pen or pencil tool.


  Step 4

  When you feel satisfied with the position where each stroke, go to the "Stroke" panel (F10), stroke width will change to 11pt, and press the round button cap.This will make all new elements look similar to the original font.

  After completion, the tool having a width (Shift + W) enlarge or reduce the tip of certain lines, so that they have a slightly crimped strokes changing the appearance.All the connection process is repeated, again simulate the appearance of painted.


  Step 5

  Copy and paste some ring-shaped tail just created, and place them around the font type.Using Direct Selection tool (A), if necessary displacement curve, to adjust its shape to fit the type.

  Next, all the contents are converted to an element, in order to more easily add colors and shades.First, select all, then click Object> Path> Stroke convert all profile elements filled shapes.Select All again, enter the Pathfinder panel (Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + F9) and select Unite.To clean up imperfections by removing anchor points


  Step 6

  To create an area we will add style interior glow highlighted, go to Object> Path> Offset Path, and use the -0.85m offset.This offset path next to the main cut and paste type, would like to see the results of the project file Type.The contents of ai.


  Step 7

  Color fill and stroke reversal (Shift + X) and add to the shape stroke 4pt.Next, we will create a flow of elements to be combined into the main text, make it look like a thick chocolate.

  The method used is deleted from the contour lines, so that the font has a sporty types.Direct Selection Tool (A) tail and delete some lines and, by going "Stroke" panel, select the "width of the profile 1" in the "profile" drop-down menu, so that, at both ends of the line becomes thin, is very thick and the intermediate.


  Tutorial unfinished, see next page!

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