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Using Illustrator oval tooling Videos compositions ball tutorial



  1 with the mouse in the "Tools" select function panel click "oval tooling"; with "oval tooling" click in the drawing board, "oval" dialog box, the same input "width" and "height" the value of the width and height equal ellipse, a circle can be drawn.


  2 in the "tools" function board point "coloring", and then click to select "Swatch" feature board, check the grass green in color "palette" function board listed in the circular coloring color changes to green grass.Of course, you can also select any color you like.


  3 in the "Tools" feature board select "Selection tool", the circular point with the mouse and dragging; in Alt-drag, double arrow cursor changes, shows a pattern to be copied; in his release the mouse button satisfactory position i.e. a circular copy.


  The first step in using the "oval tooling" circle there is another simple method: Select "oval tooling" mouse click and drag in the graphics board in pressing the Shift key while dragging, its width and height remains the same, namely a circular pattern drawn.In this way in order to get the exact size of the circle, you can use the "message" function board.When drawing an elliptical (including circular), oval in its anchor point and end point of the diagonal of a rectangle.If you hold down the Alt key while dragging the mouse to create anchor oval centered places.To draw a circle from the center, you will have to drag the mouse while pressing the Alt and Shift keys.After copying the pattern 4 remains the original pattern fill and stroke properties, in order not to make too monotonous image, copying of a circular fill color to another color.Just copied the round still selected, in the "swatches" feature selection panel pink, the color will change round.


  Removal of just five selection round, the "Swatches" function select yellow panel; press the shortcut key K, to select "paint bucket tool", the cursor moves to the third round, a mouse click, a circular the fill color to yellow.6 in the "Tools" function panel click or by pressing the Ctrl key to select "Selection tool", using the "selection tool" to move to three round FIG position, each of the two circular center in another on the circumference of the circle; with the "selection tool to choose, as shown in FIG effect.


  In this Example 7, we could reach a "oval tooling," the number of use, there is a copy of the graphic, move, and so.In addition, we encounter more and more keyboard shortcuts and keyboard use helper methods to draw graphics, proficient in the use of these can greatly speed up our work.The sixth step, you may notice that when two graphics overlap, one will overwrite another, but looks no law, beginners often do not know how people can be developed on another graphic overlay graphics.Actually very simple, if you look at the time the order was created on graphics created in the graphic above will overwrite previously created.In later chapters, we will be exposed to "layer" concept, the use of layers can solve this problem now, we just pay attention to what is created in the upper back on it.In the same layer you can also change the vertical position has drawn good graphics, which will be described later.

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