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Using Illustrator draw a cute Corgi puppy pictures




  The final renderings

  In this tutorial, we''ll create lovely Welsh Corgi use Line Art.When you create this illustration, there are two options: you can use the "Pencil Tool" draw a line, or use the "arc tool" and create the desired curve from.After that, we will be colored illustrations, in fact, is so.You will learn how to move anchor points and handles to achieve the desired result.

  1.How to create body contours Step 1 Create a new document, and then start drawing.In fact, we will only draw half of the body, and then create a reflection to get the other half.

  We start from the ear.Remove fill color, stroke color and set R = 142, G = 93, B = 60.Go "Stroke" panel ( "window"> "Stroke") and Stroke "weight" increases 3:00.Check the "dome" to ensure that when there.

  Pick up the arc tool and then click on the drawing board.In the new dialog window (arc segment tool options), make sure the "Type: Open", "grade 30"."Arc filled with" should be empty, and the "length" and "along the reference line" irrelevant.After checking all the required content, press OK.

  The arc of rotation, it is placed horizontally.To rotate uniformly, hold down the Shift key while rotating, because the key will help you to accurately rotated 45 degrees.

  Thereafter, while maintaining the arc selected, go to the "Effect"> "twist"> "Arc".In the new dialog window, enter the options you see below, and then press OK.This shape of the extension (Object> Expand Appearance).


  How to make the ears

  Step 2 Now, we will continue to build the ear.

  Vertical rotation shape just created.Use arcuate tool to add an arc to the arc connected at the top to two.

  Copy two arcs, and it is narrow on the front of a downward arc.Take the Pencil Tool (N), add interesting fur on the dog''s ear.


  How to make ears and fur


  Check whether to magnify and arc connected.

  The third step is used to check the connection to add a new tool arcuate curve.In fact, here you have two options: You can use the arc tool I''ve described, you can also use the pencil tool (N) draw all the lines.

  I think with the Pencil tool (N) draw may be more desirable, but first let''s set up to help you draw smooth lines.Thus, double-click "Pencil Tool" (N), and input options shown below.Please note that in the "fidelity" section, the slider closer to "smooth", even if the hand shake, the lines will seem smoother.

  After you add the first arc to the bottom of the ear, let us draw fur.

  Finally, add a second line.


  How to draw a pencil tool options left side of the window head:


  Pencil tool options window Step Four Now let''s create legs.First, create a curve.Can use the "arc tool": Create a simple curve, the handle and then stretched to obtain the desired movement of the anchor results.In this case, your line should look like this in a row.Alternatively, you can use the pencil tool (N) and draw the required line.

  Then add another line, that line as you can see below, this is the hind paws.


  How to draw left hind leg Step 5 Now we will create the front legs.First, draw a line.Then add fur.Again draw a line down.Then, draw the front paws.Finally, the line should rise.Forelegs complete.

  Left portion of the dog completed!


  How to draw left front leg Step 6 To complete our Welsh Corgi, we will create a reflection of the left part to get the right part.For convenience, the best part of the entire left side of the group: Right-click> Packet.

  While still selected, click the Reflect Tool (O), then press the Enter key on your keyboard.In the new dialog window, enter the "vertical axis", "90 degrees", and then click the "Copy".Move right reflection.

  There will be some gap between the two parts.Add some lines and hairs between them.


  How to create a vertical tail is finally reflected Step 7.Starting from diagonally upward curve, then add scallops Pencil tool (N).Complete body contours!


  How to draw the tail 2.Step 1 How to create a face on the "Tools" panel ( "window"> "Tools"), press "swap fill and stroke (Shift-X)" button, stroke color will change to the previously used fill color.Using the Ellipse Tool (L) and hold down the Shift key while you create a circle.Add a small white circle, as highlighted.You have just created the first eye.

  For the second eye, press two buttons (Shift and Alt) at the same time, and then move to the right eye first.You will notice that you have created a completely new alignment of the eyes.This is what we need.


  How to draw the eye Step 2 Ensure that you have fill color brown, then click the "Rounded Rectangle Tool".Now, drawing a small horizontal rectangle with rounded corners.Add high-gloss white oval.

  After creating an even smaller brown under a rectangle rectangle should now be vertical.


  How to draw nose

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